Best Identity V Survivors Tier List


Identity (v) Identity V is now one of the most popular mobile games, and it resembles Dead by Daylight in its gameplay and mechanics, with four IDV survivors and a hunter. Apparently, the creator of Dead by Daylight has permitted Identity V to use similar aspects in the game. However, unlike in Dead by Daylight, where all Identity V survivor perks may be freely shared and choosing a survivor boils down to their appearance, each survivor in Identity V has a unique ability that sets them apart.

NetEase and Joker Studio are constantly adding new Identity V characters to their popular asymmetrical survival horror game, so we compiled this list to help you keep track of the best among them by dividing them into three primary tiers.

S-Tier Identity V Survivors

S-Tier survivors are the strongest characters in the game. They provide excellent abilities that can help in many situations, such as healing, rescuing, and decoding.


The Antiquarian, one of the game’s most well-rounded characters, has long been a part of the game’s meta. The Antiquarian is a contain-type IDV Survivor who can utilize her Mechanical Flute in various ways. She can knock back Hunters and decrease their movement speed, which helps teams avoid enemy attacks.


The Mechanic is a decode-type Survivor who can decode very quickly as long as none of her allies are harmed, after which her decoding and gate-opening speed is significantly slowed. The Mechanic is the best decoder in the game. Provided that all survivors are healthy, she can decipher Cyphers at a rapid rate.


The Seer is an assist-type Survivor who may send his owl to protect himself or his friends, taking only one hit from the hunter while active. He’s able to use this skill so frequently to keep other survivors from being damaged that he earns a seat in the S-tier.

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A-Tier IDV Survivors

A-Tier Identity V survivors are also strong, but as compared to S-Tier, they are underpowered. They are also very useful in any team composition.


The Mercenary is a rescue-type Identity V survivor who can withstand more damage than other Survivors because the damage does not immediately take effect. He’s also an expert at rescuing from chairs, making him one of the game’s most obvious options for a rescue-type IDV survivor.


The Prospector is a contain/assist-type Survivor who can utilize his Magnets to stun Hunters by dragging them towards him into an obstacle or to gain distance by pushing them away, which can also stun them if forced into one. The Prospector is among our top tiers due to the amount of control he has over the result of the encounter and the hunter himself.


The Thief is a contain-type Identity V Survivor who begins the game with a Flashlight, which can be used to shock Hunters and temporarily disable their powers. He is more adept at vaulting and opening chests, but it results in more calibrations and a lower chance of success for himself and his teammates. He excels at chasing, thanks to his low torch consumption, but he can also perform well in a variety of other situations.

B-Tier IDV Survivors

These IDV survivors are mid-tier and are neither very powerful nor underpowered. Their abilities might be helpful in some specific situations and might be picked by the team in particular activities where their abilities are helpful.


The Barmaid is an assist/contain type Survivor who can reduce the hunter’s damage to herself and her friends by half by serving and drinking her Mixes, which also enhance their movement speed when consumed. While her primary ability is powerful, she has too many debuffs that prevent her from ranking higher than B-Tier.


The Magician is a contain-type IDV Survivor who can use his Magic Wand to disappear, leaving behind an illusion of himself, and gain speed while invisible, allowing him to escape and distract the hunter for a few seconds. While this can provide him an advantage over the hunter in many scenarios, it is not without drawbacks; many hunters can predict his ability, making it easy to counter. He can also use his wand to block the hunter’s strikes, which can be helpful in many scenarios.

Grave Keeper

The Grave Keeper is a rescue-type Survivor who can dig into the ground with his Shovel, removing any debuffs and nullifying one hit while resurfacing if harmed. He also gets a 10% speed boost while underground. If his decoding debuff wasn’t so high at 15%, his ability could make him strong enough to be ranked in the A tier.

C-Tier Identity V Survivors

This category of survivors is the weakest on their own and relies mainly on the abilities of teammates to stay alive and deliver. Some of their skills are ideal for team play and are chosen for team support.

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The Gardener is a contain/assist type Identity V Survivor who specializes in helping her team by breaking Rocket Chairs, keeping her teammates from getting chaired on said Chairs, and taking defensive hits with her shield. Basically, she’s all about being a team player and helping out other survivors.


The Patient is a contain/rescue survivor with a Grappling Hook that can be used three times. It enables him to grab any obstacle and either wall-jump in a new direction or climb up, depending on the object’s height and where it was grasped. While he may be helpful in reaching lofty places, he only provides a little to the escape hunter and relies on teammates for that.


The Lawyer is a decode-type IDV Survivor who carries a limited-durability Map that allows him to plainly view the Hunter, his teammates, and adjacent Cypher Machines. He cannot be Terror Shocked and is the only decoder without any debuffs. On his own, there isn’t much he can do to evade the hunter, which makes him a C-tier IDV survivor.

This finishes our Identity V survivor tier list, which ranks each survivor in the game from S to C based on their abilities and gameplay.

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