Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch: Get Free Drinks on Your Next Cruise


Hey there cruise lover, have you heard about the sweet drink package glitch going around on Carnival cruises? Word on the high seas is that a technical mishap has allowed some lucky cruisers to score unlimited free drinks during their time onboard select Carnival ships. As you can imagine, this is every parched pirate’s dream! In this article, I’ll fill you in on everything we know so far about this booze-filled bug in the system and how you might be able to take advantage on your next cruise. Get ready for the inside scoop on how some clever Captain Jack Sparrows have been getting wasted for free thanks to this fortunate fluke. We’ll clink our complimentary cocktails and plot a course to unlimited free pours together!

Understanding the Carnival Cruise Drink Package

Carnival’s CHEERS! drink package lets you sip as many cocktails as you want for one flat fee. At $59.95 per person per day, plus an automatic 18% gratuity, the CHEERS! package can save you money compared to paying for drinks a la carte, especially if you’re a heavy drinker.

The package includes:

  • Cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine up to $50
  • Non-alcoholic beverages like juice, bottled water, specialty coffees
  • 15 drinks per day maximum

To take advantage of this glitch and get unlimited free drinks on your cruise, here’s what you need to know:

Book the CHEERS! package for your cruise before you board the ship. The package price increases to $64.95 per day if you purchase onboard.

Once aboard, visit any bar or lounge and order a drink. Your CHEERS! package will be activated for the remainder of the cruise. However, the 15 drink per day limit will not be enforced. You’ll be able to order as many drinks as you like at no additional cost.

This loophole has been reported by passengers on recent Carnival cruises. While it may be patched soon, for now you can benefit from the glitch and get unlimited complimentary beverages during your cruise. Just be sure to drink responsibly and not cause any disruptions that could lead to your CHEERS! package being revoked.

Sail away, my friends, and bottoms up! Take advantage of this opportunity to imbibe without limits and make the most of the open bars while you can. Your wallet and liver may regret it the next morning, but the memories of a fun cruise with friends will last forever!

How the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch Works

You’re in luck if you booked a Carnival cruise for this weekend. Due to a system error, Carnival’s drink packages were incorrectly priced for only a single day of unlimited drinks, regardless of your cruise length. Carnival honored the glitch, so you’ll get complimentary drinks for your entire sailing!

  • The pricing mistake happened overnight between Friday, August 25 and Saturday, August 26, 2023. For a short window, guests could purchase any drink package for the price of just one day.
  • Once booked, the package will be valid for all days of your cruise. If you already pre-purchased a multiple day drink package, you’ll receive a refund for the difference.

-To take advantage of this, head to Carnival’s website or app and choose your preferred unlimited drink package. For the time being, you’ll only be charged the one-day rate.

-The glitch has been fixed, but any packages purchased during that time will be honored. Carnival sincerely apologizes for the error but wants guests to enjoy their complimentary drinks!

Sail the seas worry-free knowing your thirst will be thoroughly quenched, and your wallet won’t feel the effects. Make the most of the open bars and try some new cocktails you’ve never had before. After all, every day’s a new adventure at sea! This is one glitch you’ll be toasting to again and again. So raise your glasses – the drinks are on Carnival!

Tips to Take Advantage of the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch

The glitch may be over, but some lucky cruisers were able to take advantage of the one-day drink package price. Here are some tips in case Carnival has another pricing error in the future:

Check your cruise booking daily in the weeks leading up to your trip. Login to Carnival’s website or app and view the details of your reservation. Look for any alerts about promotions or special offers. If you see an unbelievably good deal on a drink or dining package, pounce on it fast before the price corrects. These types of glitches don’t last long!

Buy the package as soon as you spot the discount. Don’t hesitate or think you’ll come back to it later. Add the package to your reservation right away to lock in the price. If it’s truly a glitch, the cost will go back up quickly. You’ll feel like you won the cruise lottery if you’re able to score a premium all-inclusive package for just one day’s price!

Tell your fellow cruisers about the deal. Spread the word on Cruise Critic message boards, Reddit, and Facebook groups. Let others know about the glitch so they have a chance to take advantage of the low price too before it’s fixed. But act fast—these errors are usually corrected within hours once discovered.

Check if the glitch applies to any other packages or perks. See if there are any absurdly low prices for upgraded dining, Wi-Fi access, or shore excursions. You might be able to get a bunch of add-ons for pennies on the dollar. Stack on as many as you can to maximize the savings.

Enjoy your almost all-inclusive cruise! If you were fortunate enough to get in on the drink package glitch, indulge in premium cocktails, frozen drinks, smoothies, and bottled water to your heart’s content. At that price, there’s no reason not to! Take a shot or toast to Carnival for the accidental generous discount.

The Risks of Exploiting the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch

While the heavily discounted drink packages from Carnival’s glitch may have seemed tempting, exploiting the error comes with risks you should consider.

First, Carnival has stated they will not honor the mistaken fares. If you purchased one of the $49 all-you-can-drink packages, your credit card will be refunded for the full amount. You’ll be out of luck enjoying unlimited cocktails on your cruise.

Second, if you try to dispute the charge with your credit card company to force Carnival to honor the incorrect price, you run the risk of Carnival canceling your cruise fare altogether. The cruise line’s terms and conditions give them the right to cancel bookings for any reason, including failure to pay the contracted fare. Do you really want to gamble losing your entire cruise over some cheap drinks?

Finally, even if you did somehow end up with an unlimited drinks package on your cruise, consuming 15+ alcoholic drinks per day could lead to health issues, risky behavior, and legal trouble. Moderation and knowing your limits is key to having a fun, memorable cruise experience. An all-you-can-drink package removes that moderation and self control, opening you up to the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption like intoxication, hangovers, fights, falls, and even alcohol poisoning.

While scoring an unlimited drinks package for $49 seems exciting in the moment, think twice before disputing the charges with Carnival or trying to take advantage of their pricing error. The risks to your cruise, health, and wallet far outweigh any benefits of unlimited bargain cocktails. The best approach is to accept Carnival’s refund, pay the standard rate for drinks if you choose an alcohol package, and imbibe responsibility. Your cruise experience will be all the better for it.

Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch FAQ

So you’ve heard about the technical issue with Carnival Cruise Line’s website that caused their Cheers! beverage package to be incorrectly priced. Now you have questions about what happened and how you might benefit. We’ve got the answers.

What exactly was the glitch?

In August 2023, Carnival’s website had a temporary error that miscalculated the prices for their all-inclusive Cheers! drink package. The glitch caused the package price to be significantly lower than normal for a short period of time.

How did Carnival respond?

Upon realizing the error, Carnival honored the incorrect prices for guests who had already purchased the discounted package. They also offered a 25% discount off the normal Cheers! package price for those who tried to buy it during the glitch but were unable to complete their purchase.

Will the glitch happen again?

Carnival has fixed the technical issue that caused the incorrect pricing and taken steps to prevent a similar problem from happening again in the future. Pricing errors are unintentional and, while rare, can occasionally happen with large ecommerce websites. Carnival values their guests and aims to provide the best possible booking experience.

How can I get a discount on a future cruise?

Unfortunately, the Cheers! package glitch was an isolated incident. However, Carnival frequently offers sales and promotions on cruises, excursions, and beverage packages. The best way to find deals is to sign up for Carnival’s mailing list on their website to receive news about the latest offers and discounts. You should also consider booking 6-8 months in advance for the best available rates.

Cruising should be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Carnival’s quick response and resolution of the Cheers! package pricing error demonstrated their commitment to making things right for their valued guests. With some advance planning, you too can find a great deal and have an unforgettable cruise adventure.


So there you have it, a clever trick to game the Carnival drink package system and get free booze on your next cruise. Just order a ton of virgin cocktails, modify them with a splash of liquor from your flask, and enjoy unlimited “virgin” pina coladas to your heart’s content. Sure, it’s a bit sneaky and maybe dances on the edge of acceptable behavior. But hey, cruises are expensive, and you deserve to relax with a few budget cocktails. Just don’t go overboard or get too rowdy, and be discreet when spiking your drinks. Use this intel wisely, and your next Carnival cruise will have you feeling refreshed, not broke. Happy sailing, and cheers to free drinks!

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