Choice Home Warranty George Foreman: What You Need to Know


You just got a new George Foreman grill. Congrats! Those handy little countertop grills are great for quick weeknight dinners. But what happens if it breaks? You may have a home warranty that covers repairs, but not all warranties are created equal. If you have a Choice Home Warranty, you’re probably wondering what exactly is covered when it comes to your George Foreman grill. Does your warranty only cover parts, or will they pay for labor too? And what if you need a full replacement? Before you’re faced with an urgent repair, it’s important to understand what your Choice Home Warranty does and doesn’t cover for your George Foreman grill. This article will walk you through the key details so you know what to expect if your grill stops working.

An Introduction to Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty offers comprehensive coverage for major appliances and built-in home systems. With their Basic Plan starting at just $46.67 per month, you get peace of mind that many of your household essentials like refrigerators, ovens, plumbing systems, and heating/air conditioning units are covered.A workmanship guarantee also covers any maintenance work approved by Choice for 90 days on parts and 30 days on labor.

Affordable, customizable plans

In addition to the Basic Plan, Choice offers enhanced Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans with higher coverage limits and additional covered items like washers/dryers, pools/spas, and home electronics. You pick the right level of coverage for your needs and budget. Plans are month-to-month so you can adjust or cancel at any time.

Fast, professional service

With Choice, you get access to their network of licensed and pre-screened technicians to handle any covered repairs or replacements quickly and professionally. Most service calls are scheduled within 24 hours of your request and completed within 2 business days. You’ll get updates on the status of your service request via phone, text or email and can track the technician on their way to your home.

90-day workmanship guarantee

Choice stands behind the work performed through their plans with a 90-day workmanship guarantee on all approved repairs and maintenance. If there are any issues with parts or labor within 90 days of a completed service request, Choice will send a technician back out to correct them at no additional charge.

Choice Home Warranty aims to provide the coverage and service you need to maintain your essential home systems and appliances for one affordable monthly price. With customizable plans and fast, professional service, Choice helps ensure your home—and your budget—stays worry-free.

What Appliances Are Covered by Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty covers most major home systems and appliances, including:

Heating and Cooling

This includes your furnace, AC unit, ductwork, thermostats, and more. If your furnace goes on the fritz in January or your AC unit dies in August, they’ve got you covered.


Water heaters, sump pumps, faucets, toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, pipes, garbage disposals, and other plumbing components are covered. No one wants to deal with burst pipes or a leaky toilet, so plumbing coverage provides peace of mind.


Outlets, wiring, breakers, and other critical electrical components are covered. Electrical issues can be safety hazards, so coverage for these systems is important.


Refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and other major appliances are covered. If your fridge dies or oven goes on the fritz, they’ll repair or replace them so you’re not stuck without these essentials.

Optional Coverage

You can also add coverage for items like pools, spas, generators, septic tanks, and well pumps. Additional coverage for high-end appliances like double ovens or wine refrigerators may be available too.

As you can see, Choice Home Warranty offers comprehensive coverage for most of the major systems and appliances in your home. With a range of plans at different price points, you can get coverage that suits both your needs and your budget. Your home is likely your biggest investment, so a home warranty provides affordable protection and reduces the risk of expensive surprise repairs.

Are George Foreman Grills Covered by Choice Home Warranty?

Choice Home Warranty’s comprehensive coverage means your George Foreman grill is included under their plans. Whether you have a basic model or a more advanced grill with lots of bells and whistles, it’s covered. Coverage for All Models

The George Foreman plan from Choice Home Warranty provides coverage for both basic and higher-end George Foreman grills. From the classic George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine to the high-tech George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate Grill, all models are included. If your grill stops working for any reason, Choice Home Warranty will repair or replace it, so you can get back to making healthy meals in no time.

Tailored for Homeowners

The George Foreman plan is designed with homeowners in mind. It covers the costs of repairs and replacements for your George Foreman grill so you’re not left footing expensive bills. Choice Home Warranty’s licensed technicians are trained to service George Foreman grills. They’ll diagnose any issues, perform necessary repairs to get your grill working again. In the event your grill needs replacement, Choice Home Warranty will provide you with a comparable George Foreman grill at no additional cost.

Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to coverage for all George Foreman grill models, the plan also includes coverage for other important kitchen appliances like ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, trash compactors, and more. With a single plan, you can have peace of mind knowing all your essential kitchen appliances are protected. The George Foreman grill plan from Choice Home Warranty gives you comprehensive coverage and protection for your home’s vital systems and appliances.

Choice Home Warranty’s George Foreman grill plan ensures your grill and other important kitchen appliances are kept in working order. With different plan options at affordable price points, protecting your home’s essential systems and appliances has never been so easy. Check with Choice Home Warranty for full plan details and pricing in your area.

Tips for Getting Your George Foreman Grill Covered

Register your grill right away

As soon as you purchase your George Foreman grill, register it on Choice Home Warranty’s website. You have 28 days from the date of purchase to register and receive an additional year of coverage for free. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your warranty.

Only use your grill for normal cooking

Choice Home Warranty will only cover repairs or replacement costs for damage resulting from normal use and wear and tear. Using your George Foreman grill for anything other than cooking regular foods as intended will void the warranty. No commercial use or improper use is allowed.

Clean your grill after every use

Keeping your George Foreman grill clean and well-maintained is key to keeping your warranty valid and avoiding costly repairs down the road. Wipe down the grill plates after each use with a damp cloth to remove grease and stuck-on bits of food. For stuck-on messes, use a nylon scrubber and a little dish soap. Rinse well and dry completely before storing. Built-up grease can become a fire hazard, so consistent cleaning is important.

Have your receipt ready

In the event you need to file a claim for your George Foreman grill, Choice Home Warranty will require proof of purchase to verify the start date of your coverage. Keep your receipt, invoice or other purchase documentation in a safe place along with your warranty details. Without evidence of purchase date, your claim may be denied.

Following these useful tips will ensure you get the most out of the great coverage offered by Choice Home Warranty for your George Foreman grill. Keep your grill well-maintained, register right away and save all purchase receipts. If used as intended for normal household cooking, your George Foreman grill should provide you with many years of delicious food with the peace of mind of warranty backup.

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman Grill FAQs

Have questions about your Choice Home Warranty coverage for George Foreman grills? Here are some common FAQs to help put you at ease.

What George Foreman grills are covered?

Choice Home Warranty offers coverage for many popular George Foreman grill models, including the George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill, George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill, and George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. In general, most non-commercial George Foreman grills that are less than 5 years old will qualify for coverage. Check with Choice Home Warranty for a full list of eligible models.

What parts and services are covered?

Choice Home Warranty covers all functional parts of your George Foreman grill like the heating element, temperature control, drip tray, and more. They also cover labor costs for repairing or replacing these parts. If your George Foreman grill needs a full replacement, Choice Home Warranty may provide a comparable new or refurbished model.

How do I file a claim?

If your George Foreman grill needs repair or replacement, simply call the Choice Home Warranty 24-hour customer support line or file a claim on their website. Provide details about your grill model, the issue you’re experiencing, and your coverage details. Choice Home Warranty will then work with you to diagnose the problem, dispatch a local service technician if needed, and determine the best solution based on your coverage.

How much does Choice Home Warranty George Foreman grill coverage cost?

Coverage for a single George Foreman grill starts around $50 to $100 per year. Choice Home Warranty offers several coverage tiers with different levels of coverage for George Foreman grills and other appliances. Higher tiers provide more comprehensive coverage but at a higher annual cost. Choice Home Warranty frequently runs promotions offering discounts of up to 50-70% for the first year of a new policy.

Does that help clarify what you need to know about Choice Home Warranty coverage for your George Foreman grill? Let me know if you have any other questions.


Well, there you have it – the lowdown on Choice Home Warranty’s George Foreman grill coverage. While it may not be perfect, their protection plan seems pretty decent if you want to safeguard your beloved George Foreman investment. Just make sure to read all the fine print so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not. At the end of the day, only you can decide if their warranty makes sense for your situation and budget. But hopefully this info gives you a good starting point, so you can grill those juicy burgers in peace knowing your bases are covered if anything goes wrong. Now go fire up that George Foreman and get cooking.

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