Crewlogout: The Essential App for Airline Crews


So you’ve landed your dream job as an airline crew member. Congratulations! Now it’s time to figure out how to juggle the complicated logistics of this fast-paced career. Between managing schedules, layovers, and paperwork, staying organized can feel like a full-time job in itself. But don’t stress – there’s an app for that. Crewlogout is designed specifically with airline crews in mind. This all-in-one tool helps you keep track of your trips, expenses, documents, and more. No more scrambling to find your schedule or reimbursement forms. With customizable alerts, seamless cloud syncing across your devices, and a user-friendly interface, Crewlogout makes it easy to handle the essential details so you can focus on your passengers. Take it from us frequent flyers, this app is a total must-have for any crew. Your job just got a whole lot simpler.

Introducing Crewlogout: The Must-Have App for Airline Crews

The Essential App for Busy Airline Crews

As an airline crew member, your schedule is always changing. The CrewLounge CONNECT app was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Linked directly to your airline’s crew scheduling system, this innovative app gives you instant access to your latest roster anytime, anywhere – even offline.

With CrewLounge CONNECT on your phone, you’ll never again have to log in to check if your schedule has changed or worry about missing an update. The app alerts you as soon as any amendments are made, so you can plan your days off and getaways with confidence. It also lets you add personal events to your roster and easily share your schedule with family or friends.

Worried about learning yet another app? Don’t be. CrewLounge CONNECT is incredibly intuitive. Its simple, minimalistic interface is tailored to your needs, with features like:

• Your full monthly roster displayed in an easy-to-read calendar layout.

• Daily flight details including reporting times, arrival/departure airports and aircraft type.

• Duty days highlighted so you can see your days on and off at a glance.

• The ability to switch between weekly, monthly and yearly views.

• Flight notifications to alert you of any last-minute changes.

• Options to export your roster to your phone’s default calendar app.

With CrewLounge CONNECT simplifying your work-life, you’ll have more time to enjoy exciting destinations on your days off. Discover what this must-have app can do for you – available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play. Your perfect travel companion is waiting!

Key Features of Crewlogout to Streamline Your Workflow

Crewlogout is loaded with useful features to simplify your job as an airline crew member. Some of the key features include:

Comprehensive Database

Crewlogout offers a massive database to log all the details of your flights. You can record over 60 data points on a single flight, including block time, flight time, duty time, and rest time for each crew member. The app keeps records of your flight history and running totals to help ensure you stay within legal limits.

Intuitive Interface

The app is designed to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. The interface is clean and minimal, with logical menus and navigation. All the information you need is just a few taps away. Crewlogout works to minimize data entry and let you focus on the important parts of your job.

Digital Logbook

Crewlogout eliminates the need for paper logbooks and records. All your flight details are logged digitally for quick reference and easy reporting. Your logbook provides a full history of your flight time, duty periods, and rest periods. Digital records mean no more struggling to decipher handwritten notes or ensure legibility.

Compliance Monitoring

The app helps ensure you remain in compliance with all regulations regarding flight time, duty time, and rest requirements. Crewlogout monitors your running totals and alerts you if you are in danger of exceeding limits before your next flight. The app factors in all the different types of time to provide an accurate assessment of your status. Compliance monitoring gives you peace of mind that you won’t run into issues.

Crewlogout packs an incredible number of useful features into one easy-to-use app. For airline crews, this all-in-one solution can help reduce workload and ensure a smooth, productive workflow both on the ground and in the air. The key features provide digital organization, simplified record-keeping, and compliance monitoring to support you at every step. This essential app should be part of every crew’s toolkit.

How Crewlogout Benefits Pilots and Flight Attendants

How Crewlogout Benefits Pilots and Flight Attendants

As a pilot or flight attendant, Crewlogout offers several useful features to make your job easier and help you maximize time on layovers.

The app provides quick access to airport crew lounges, crew cars, snacks, and parking. Simply display your CREW badge on the app to gain access to these crew services at fixed base operators (FBOs). No more waiting in long lines or dealing with paperwork to use facilities meant specifically for airline crews.

Crewlogout also allows you to easily connect with your fellow crew members during layovers. See which other pilots, copilots, and flight attendants are also on a layover at your location. Meet up to grab food, explore the city, or just relax together. Forge new friendships and bond over shared experiences in the air travel industry.

The app helps you discover the best places to eat, drink and unwind in any layover city. Get recommendations from other crews on their favorite restaurants, bars, gyms, and attractions. Find hidden gems and local hotspots popular with airline crews but lesser-known to the general public.

Stay up to date on your flight schedules, gate changes, delays, and standby lists right within the Crewlogout app. Get notifications about any important changes to your flights so you can adjust your layover plans accordingly. Never miss an update that could impact your next departure or return flight.

For any pilot or flight attendant, Crewlogout provides an easy way to access essential crew services, connect with your colleagues, discover great layover spots, and stay on top of your flight schedules. Make the most of your limited time on the ground and turn those long layovers into opportunities for relaxation or adventure.

Crewlogout Integrations With Other Aviation Apps

Crewlogout integrates with many of the apps and systems you already use as an airline crew member. This allows for streamlined schedule management and reduced data entry. Some of the major integrations include:


CrewLounge connects to over 140 different crew management and electronic flight bag (EFB) systems, including PILOTLOG. It imports your schedules and flight details directly from PILOTLOG so you have a centralized place to view and manage all your upcoming trips.

Major Airlines

CrewLounge AERO imports crew rosters directly from more than 600 airlines through 140 different crew management systems and EFB apps. This includes carriers like American Airlines, Delta, United, Emirates, Qantas, and many more. Your schedules are automatically synced to give you a complete picture of your trips, layovers, and days off.

fatigue Risk Management Systems

CrewLounge integrates with leading fatigue risk management systems (FRMS) like SAFE, Roster On Time (ROT), and Aviolinx. It leverages crew duty and flight time data from these systems to provide enhanced fatigue prediction and risk analysis for your schedules. This helps ensure you stay within regulated duty limits and are properly rested for your trips.

Airport Information

CrewLounge pulls real-time airport status updates, delay and closure information from sources like FlightStats, OAG, and individual airport websites. You’ll receive alerts about any issues that could impact your flights or layovers so you have time to make necessary adjustments.

Expense Tracking

CrewLounge works with many expense management platforms to import your trip-related costs for reconciliation and reimbursement. This includes services such as Concur, Certify, and ExpensePoint. All your expenses are compiled in one place, ready for you to allocate to the proper trips and submit for payment.

With these extensive integrations, CrewLounge aims to be a total crew life and schedule management solution. By connecting data from across platforms, it provides a comprehensive view of your duties, requirements, and resources as an airline crew member.

Crewlogout: FAQs and Support for New Users

As a new Crewlogout user, you likely have some questions about how the app works and what support is available. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you get started.

Do I need a user account to use Crewlogout?

Yes, you will need to create your own personal user account to access the Crewlogout app. User accounts are free to set up and allow you to save your preferences, work history, and more.

Is there a cost to use Crewlogout?

Crewlogout offers both free and paid subscription options. The free version provides basic schedule management and job search features. Paid subscription plans provide additional benefits like customized job alerts, access to salary databases, and premium support. User licenses start at $9.99/month.

What kind of support does Crewlogout offer?

Crewlogout aims to fully support users through several channels:

  • Help Desk: Submit a support ticket through the in-app help desk and a member of our support team will respond within 24 hours.
  • Email: Contact our support team directly at [email protected] for help with any issues.
  • Live Chat: For quick questions, use the live chat feature on our website to speak directly with a support agent. Chat hours are 6am to 6pm PST daily.
  • FAQ Knowledge Base: Browse answers to hundreds of common questions in our FAQ knowledge base. This can help resolve basic issues immediately without waiting for a support response.
  • Video Tutorials: Watch our library of short video tutorials to learn essential tips for using the Crewlogout app. Tutorials cover account setup, schedule management, job applications, and more.

We hope this helps clarify what you can expect as a new Crewlogout user. Our dedicated support team is here to help anytime you have questions or need assistance using our service. Welcome aboard!


So there you have it, the essential app for making your life as an airline crew member so much easier. With Crewlogout, you’ll wonder how you ever managed all the complex scheduling, compliance requirements, and communication demands of this job without it. The app’s intuitive interface and smart features save you time and hassle at every turn. Whether you’re a pilot, flight attendant, or other crew member, Crewlogout is designed with your specific needs in mind. Stay on top of your schedule, connect with your fellow crew, log your hours accurately, and ensure you never miss an important update again. For the demanding life of an airline crew, Crewlogout is your indispensable co-pilot. Sign up today and experience how much simpler your job can be. The skies are calling – make sure you have the best tool to get you there.

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