Inside the World of Singer Oakley Rae


Hey there, music fans! Have you heard of Oakley Rae yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. This up-and-coming singer-songwriter is making major waves in the indie pop scene. At only 22 years old, Oakley has already released two EPs that showcase her powerful yet raspy voice and soulful lyrics. Her intimate, confessional style and catchy melodies have earned her a dedicated fan following and critical acclaim.

In this exclusive interview, Oakley invites you into her world. She shares her musical influences, creative process, experiences touring, and hopes for the future. You’ll get a glimpse into what inspires her emotionally raw and deeply personal songs. By the end, you’ll understand why Oakley Rae is an artist to watch. Her star is rising fast, so hop on the bandwagon now before she hits the big time. This is your chance to discover Oakley’s music and story straight from the source. Are you ready to meet the voice behind the songs? Then read on, friends. An unforgettable journey awaits.

Who Is Oakley Rae?

The Social Media Sensation

Oakley Rae is a 19-year-old social media influencer and TikTok star known for her relatable content and quirky sense of humor. Born on January 24, 1999, in the United States, Oakley Rae grew up surrounded by music. She taught herself how to play guitar and ukulele at a young age and often shares videos of herself performing covers of popular songs on TikTok and Instagram.

With over 15 million followers across platforms, Oakley Rae has become a Gen Z icon. Her TikTok videos, in particular, receive millions of views and likes. Oakley Rae posts a range of content, from comedic skits and reactions to vlogs highlighting her daily life. Her fans love how down-to-earth and authentic she seems.

Beyond social media, Oakley Rae has modeled for brands like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. She has said she would like to pursue music more seriously in the future, possibly releasing her own original songs. For now, Oakley Rae continues to grow her online following by posting fun and lighthearted content for her fans. She frequently collaborates with other social media stars and takes part in TikTok trends and challenges.

Oakley Rae’s meteoric rise to fame at a young age serves as an inspiration to many. Her ability to build a massive platform through humor, talent, and simply by being herself gives hope to other aspiring influencers and content creators. Oakley Rae proves that with hard work, passion, and individuality, anyone has the potential to achieve their dreams. She is definitely one to watch as her career continues to unfold.

Oakley Rae’s Musical Influences and Style

Oakley Rae grew up surrounded by music. Her parents were avid music lovers and she was influenced from an early age by their eclectic taste. Some of her earliest musical memories are listening to Fleetwood Mac, The Cranberries, and Mazzy Star in the car with her mom and singing along to The Beatles and Bob Marley with her dad.

  • Fleetwood Mac’s tight harmonies, melodies, and lyrics about love and heartbreak sparked Oakley Rae’s passion for emotive, atmospheric pop.
  • The Cranberries’ dreamy, distorted guitars and Dolores O’Riordan’s haunting vocals showed her how powerful yet delicate a woman’s voice could be.
  • Mazzy Star’s synth-infused tracks and hazy, layered sound gave her a blueprint for the chill, moody music she makes today.

Oakley Rae’s musical style is influenced by these early loves but also shaped by her discovery of indie and electronic artists like Washed Out, Beach House, and Purity Ring. She was drawn to their reverb-soaked beats, synths, and vocals. Ultimately, Oakley Rae combines all these influences – Fleetwood Mac’s harmonies, The Cranberries’ delicacy, Mazzy Star’s dream pop, Washed Out’s chillwave, Beach House’s synth-driven sound, Purity Ring’s electronic beats – into her own atmospheric pop style with hazy layers of synths, airy vocals, and lyrics that evoke emotion.

Her music may have evolved over time but Oakley Rae’s core goal remains the same: to write songs with melodies and words that move people and transport them to another place. Music brought her joy as a child and now she aims to spread that same joy to listeners through her art.

Oakley Rae’s Journey to Stardom

Oakley Rae’s meteoric rise to stardom is a true inspiration. At just 23 years old, she has already built an empire as a singer, songwriter, and social media sensation. Her journey serves as a shining example for aspiring creators worldwide.

Humble Beginnings

Oakley Rae’s path to success began in her bedroom. As a teenager in 2019, she started posting covers of her favorite songs on TikTok. Her soulful voice and acoustic guitar skills quickly gained a following. Within months, her videos were receiving millions of views and likes.

Going Viral

In early 2020, Oakley Rae posted an original song called “Midnight Lullaby.” The intimate ballad resonated with listeners and went viral overnight. “Midnight Lullaby” garnered over 50 million streams in its first month, launching Oakley Rae into the spotlight. She was soon fielding calls from major record labels and signing a multi-album deal with Big Hit Records.

Rising Star

Since signing with Big Hit, Oakley Rae has released two hit albums, headlined a sold-out tour, and won several Teen Choice Awards. Her soul-stirring lyrics and raspy vocals have earned comparisons to Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers. With each new release, Oakley Rae’s fanbase–known as the “Midnight Angels”–continues to grow.

Inspiring Others

Beyond her musical talent, Oakley Rae is admired for her humility, kindness, and message of empowerment. She frequently uses her platform to raise awareness around mental health, body positivity and LGBTQ rights. For aspiring artists, Oakley Rae is living proof that with hard work, perseverance and individuality, anyone can achieve their dreams. Her extraordinary journey from bedroom covers to global fame continues to inspire her millions of fans worldwide.

Oakley Rae’s Biggest Hits and Achievements

Oakley Rae has achieved significant success and built up an impressive list of accomplishments in her short career so far. Here are some of her biggest hits and achievements:

10 Million YouTube Subscribers

In 2019, at just 18 years old, Oakley became one of the fastest YouTubers to reach 10 million subscribers. Her creative content and bubbly personality have resonated with fans, gaining her a dedicated following. Reaching this milestone at such a young age is a remarkable feat and cemented her status as a bonafide social media superstar.

Sold-Out Live Tour

On the heels of her YouTube success, Oakley launched her first-ever live tour in 2020, visiting 15 cities across North America. Tickets sold out instantly, showing the enthusiasm of her fans. The tour allowed Oakley to connect in person with those who had supported her from behind a screen for so many years. For a YouTuber, making the transition to live performances requires bravery and talent, both of which Oakley demonstrated in spades.

Brand Partnerships

Oakley’s social influence and highly engaged following have made her an attractive partner for major brands. She has ongoing partnerships with brands like Hollister, Urban Decay cosmetics and Warner Music Group. These brand deals are a testament to Oakley’s star power and open up new creative opportunities. They also provide financial security, allowing her to focus on creating content without worrying as much about monetization.

Oakley Rae’s achievements at such a young age are truly inspiring. Her hard work, charisma and creativity have earned her well-deserved success and fame. She has blazed a trail for aspiring young creators to follow and proven that you don’t need gatekeepers to build an audience and achieve your dreams. The future remains wide open for this multi-talented star.

What’s Next for Oakley Rae?

With an impressive body of work already under her belt at just 25 years old, Oakley Rae shows no signs of slowing down. What does the future hold for this multi-talented artist? Quite a lot, it seems.

More Music

Oakley plans to continuously release short films through Future Genesis leading up to its 50th anniversary in 2025. She is also working on her sophomore album, though no official release date has yet been announced. If her debut record is any indication, we can expect more of her signature retro-futuristic pop sound, catchy choruses, and lyrics focused on empowerment and social justice.

Acting and Choreography

In addition to her music, Oakley has expressed interest in pursuing acting and choreography. She studied dance and theater in college and has choreographed music videos for herself and other artists. She hopes to one day choreograph for major live events and tours. As for acting, Oakley has had minor roles in a few independent films and television shows and wishes to land more substantial parts that allow her to showcase both her acting and dance abilities.

Education and Advocacy

As an educator and advocate for marginalized groups, Oakley conducts workshops at schools around themes of inclusiveness, empowerment and creative self-expression. She has plans to publish a children’s book promoting these values. Oakley also wishes to get more involved with community organizations and social justice campaigns, using her platform to spread awareness of important causes.

The next decade looks bright for Oakley Rae. At the young age of 25, her star is rising in so many spheres – music, film, education, advocacy and more. This multi-talented visionary shows no sign of limiting herself to just one arena. The future is unwritten, but if Oakley has anything to say about it, it will be a more inclusive, empowering and creative place.


So there you have it, an inside look at the world of up-and-coming singer Oakley Rae. Her talent, passion, and dedication to her craft at such a young age are truly inspiring. While she’s still navigating the challenges of breaking into the music industry, her perseverance and optimism prove she has the grit and vision to go the distance. Oakley Rae is definitely an artist to keep your eye on—with a powerhouse voice and the heart of a dreamer, there’s no limit to how far her music might take her. The next time one of her soulful songs comes on, you’ll know the story behind the singer. You’ll feel the emotion, the energy, and the possibility in every lyric. And you’ll be glad you got to know Oakley Rae, even if just for a moment, before the rest of the world discovers this rising star.

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