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You’ve always dreamed of sampling authentic cuisine from around the world, but find yourself stuck in your hometown and unable to travel. Well, my friend, all hope is not lost. is here to bring global flavors to you, no passport required. This brilliant site curates and delivers hard-to-find ingredients and gourmet foods from different corners of the globe right to your doorstep. All you need is an appetite for adventure and the willingness to spice up your usual recipes. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the delectable delights has to offer and provide tips on how to incorporate them into your cooking routine. Your taste buds are about to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey around the world, so get ready to be transported.

What Is is a one-stop resource for reliable information on food quality and safety in Europe. Managed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), this website aims to keep consumers informed and protected.

  • provides comprehensive data on risks associated with food. You can look up information on bacteria, chemicals, allergens, and other hazards.
  • There are helpful resources on common foodborne illnesses, with details on symptoms, sources, prevention, and treatment. This allows you to identify and avoid unsafe foods.
  • You’ll find guidance on best practices for safe food preparation and handling at home. Tips cover cooking, refrigeration, hygiene, and more.
  • tracks food recalls and alerts across European countries. Stay up-to-date on contaminated products being removed from the market.
  • Other useful features include a food additives database, pesticide residue monitoring reports, guides on nutrition and diet, food waste reduction advice, and frequently asked questions on food safety topics.

With science-based data and practical recommendations, empowers consumers to make informed choices. Navigate the site for comprehensive information from a reliable source – the EFSA. This transparent portal helps ensure your food is safe.

Browse Global Recipes on is like having a world of authentic recipes from Europe and beyond at your fingertips. With over 5,000 dishes in their database, you can find everything from familiar favorites to exotic new flavors to try.

  • Browse by region or country to get recipes representing cuisines across the globe. Look for Greek moussaka, French coq au vin, Spanish paella, German sauerbraten, Moroccan tagine – they have it all.
  • Search for ingredients you have on hand or want to try. Narrow it down by cuisine type as well for easy discovery of new dishes.
  • Find holiday and seasonal recipes perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Get ideas for your next summer barbecue, cozy winter meal, or festive celebration.
  • Get recipes from other home cooks who have traveled and want to share their favorites. There are thousands of user-submitted dishes just waiting to be discovered.

With’s comprehensive and growing database of recipes collected from around the world, you can recreate authentic dishes from Europe and beyond right in your own kitchen. It makes trying global cuisines easy, approachable and fun.

Join the Community

  • As a member of the community, you’ll have access to EIT Food’s extensive network of partner organizations across the innovation value chain. This means connecting with food producers, distributors, researchers, and more to exchange ideas and collaborate.
  • Join other passionate food-lovers as you taste, cook, and explore together. Share your food journeys through blog posts, photos, recipes, and reviews. Get inspired by the adventures of fellow community members.
  • offers numerous benefits for both businesses and consumers. It provides a central platform to access essential information about food innovations happening across the EU. Stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, products, trends, events, and research breakthroughs.
  • Participate in surveys and studies to provide valuable consumer insights. Your input helps guide decisions on future food solutions. Make your voice heard on the topics you care about.
  • Access special promotions, discounts, and giveaways. Enjoy member-exclusive perks from partners. Be the first to try innovative new products before they hit the wider market.
  • Attend virtual or in-person meetups and events. Sample new cuisines, learn about food production, and connect with like-minded people. The community opens up unique local and international experiences.

Joining is easy and free! Sign up to start expanding your palate while supporting the future of food.

Share Your Own Recipes on isn’t just an online cookbook – it’s a global community of home cooks who love to share recipes. One of the best parts of the site is that you can upload your own creations to share with fellow foodies around the world.

  • Creating an account is free and only takes a minute. Just provide your name, email address, and a password. Then you’re ready to start adding recipes.
  • The site makes it really easy to format your recipe. Just fill in the template with ingredient lists, instructions, cook times, servings, and any notes. You can even upload photos of your finished dish.
  • Categorize your recipe by region and cuisine so others can find it. has an extensive collection of categories from Afghan to Zimbabwean food.
  • Once published, your recipe will have its own page that others can view, print, and even leave reviews on.
  • Share your recipes through social media or email to invite friends and family to check them out.

Don’t keep those family favorites to yourself – upload them on today! It’s satisfying to preserve traditions and inspire others to cook authentic global cuisine in their own kitchens. FAQs

Got questions about We’ve compiled some common questions and answers below:

  • What kind of food can I find on

Our website features traditional and modern cuisine from all over Europe. From Spanish tapas to Greek souvlaki, German sausages to French crepes, we cover it all! Explore regional specialties by country.

  • How are the restaurants and food vendors evaluated?

We thoroughly vet every restaurant and food vendor before adding them. Our team looks at health inspections, reviews, food quality, use of local ingredients, and more. Only the best make the cut.

  • Is the website only for travelers?

While is a great resource for trip planning, anyone can use it to discover amazing European eats! Food lovers will enjoy browsing recipes, food blogs, and learning about culinary traditions.

  • What resources does the website offer?

In addition to restaurant listings, we provide food safety reports, news on EU regulations, write-ups of traditional dishes, and profiles of emerging chefs. Our searchable recipe index also allows you to find recipes by country or ingredient.

  • How often is the website updated?

We continuously update with new restaurants, food vendor listings, recipes, blog posts, and resources. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of new additions and features.

Have another question? Browse our Help Center or contact our team. We’re here to help you make the most of and eat your way around Europe!


So go ahead – sign up for today. With their awesome selection of authentic international recipes, cooking tools, and hard-to-find ingredients, you’ll be eating your way around the world in no time. Trying new cuisines is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And now it’s easier than ever thanks to this incredible website. No passport required – just an appetite for adventure. So get cooking, get traveling, and get ready to have your tastebuds taken on a first-class trip across the globe – all from the comfort of your own kitchen. The world is waiting for you to take a bite. Enjoy the journey!

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