Is Anthony Padilla Gay? Let’s Investigate


You’re scrolling through YouTube and stumble upon a new video from Anthony Padilla Gay, one of the original creators of Smosh. As you watch, you can’t help but notice he gives off some subtle vibes. You think to yourself – is Anthony Padilla actually gay? The question has crossed your mind more than once.

I mean, look at the guy. He’s stylish, funny, and not exactly the most stereotypical straight dude. And he’s never publicly had a girlfriend. As rumors swirl across the internet, you decide to do some digging to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all. Grab your detective hat and magnifying glass, because we’re going on an investigative adventure to uncover the truth about Anthony’s orientation.

Anthony Padilla Gay Career and Rise to Fame

If you were on YouTube back in the day, you probably remember Anthony Padilla as one half of the comedy duo Smosh. Along with his best friend Ian Hecox, Anthony helped turn Smosh into one of the first major YouTube channels. From comedy sketches to movie parodies, Smosh dominated the platform for over a decade.

Early Life and Success on YouTube

Born in 1987, Anthony grew up in Sacramento, California. He met Ian in sixth grade, and the two bonded over their love of comedy and making funny home videos. They launched the Smosh YouTube channel in 2005 and found instant success with their Pokémon and Mortal Kombat parodies.

Leaving Smosh and Pursuing Other Projects

In 2017, Anthony Padilla Gay left Smosh to focus on his own self-titled YouTube channel. Here, he created the popular series “I Spent A Day With…”, where he spends time with various internet celebrities like Miranda Sings, Jenna Marbles, and Shane Dawson. Anthony has said leaving Smosh was a difficult decision, but ultimately allowed him to explore his own creative interests.

Though Anthony’s comedic style has matured over the years, he’s still the funny, down-to-earth guy his fans know and love. His channel now has over 3 million subscribers, proving Anthony doesn’t need Smosh to make it big on YouTube. While we miss the classic Smosh days, it’s been rewarding seeing Anthony’s personal growth and success through his solo work. No matter what crazy characters he plays, Anthony Padilla will always be a YouTube legend.

Clues About Anthony Padilla Gay

Anthony Padilla Gay has made it clear that he identifies as straight. However, some fans speculate about his due to certain clues. Let’s examine the evidence.

His Long-Term Relationship with Mykie

Padilla has been dating fellow YouTuber Mykie for years now. They seem to have a happy, healthy relationship, frequently featuring each other in vlogs and social media posts. Unless Padilla is not being genuine in his relationship, this indicates he is attracted to women.

Discussing Relationships Openly

In many of his videos, Anthony Padilla Gay openly talks about his dating life and relationships. He has discussed breakups, what he finds attractive in a partner, and more. If Padilla were not straight, it seems likely this would have come up at some point, given how open he is about these topics. His transparency makes it improbable that he would hide his.

No Definitive “Coming Out”

While some fans speculate Anthony Padilla Gay be or bicurious based on certain clips or comments, he has never officially “come out” as anything other than straight. If Padilla were gay, coming out would be an important step, especially given how open he is with fans. The lack of any coming out announcement suggests that he still identifies as a straight man.

Unless and until Anthony Padilla states otherwise, the evidence points to him being a straight man. While fans may speculate, his own words and actions indicate that he is attracted to women. Unless new information comes to light, Padilla appears to be secure and open with his a straight male.

Fan Speculation on Anthony Padilla Being Gay

As an openly straight YouTuber, Anthony Padilla Gay has faced his fair share of speculation about his over the years. His close friendship with former Smosh co-creator Ian Hecox led some fans to wonder if they were romantically involved, despite both men openly dating women. ###Rumors About Dating Daniel Howell

In 2016, rumors circulated that Padilla was dating popular gay YouTuber Daniel Howell after fans noticed them appearing in each other’s videos and social media posts. However, both men denied the claims, with Padilla stating on Twitter that he is straight. Still, some fans continue to “ship” the two YouTubers, believing their chemistry and interactions indicate a secret romantic relationship.

Addressing Speculation Head-On

Anthony Padilla Gay has directly addressed fan speculation about his on multiple occasions. On a 2016 episode of his podcast “The Anthony Padilla Show,” he stated plainly that he is straight. He cited his dating history, which has only included women, as evidence. Padilla has expressed frustration with persistent rumors questioning his orientation, noting that as an online personality, his personal life is frequently scrutinized and subject to unjustified speculation.

While Padilla’s close relationships with certain male YouTubers like Hecox and Howell have fueled rumors, Padilla himself has provided straightforward answers about his straight orientation. Unless and until he says otherwise, there is no evidence to suggest Anthony Padilla’s is anything other than what he has openly shared with fans. Speculating beyond his own statements invade his privacy and propagate harmful stereotyping. Anthony Padilla Gay orientation, like anyone’s, is for him alone to define.

Anthony Padilla’s Response to Gay Rumors

For years, Anthony Padilla has faced speculation about from fans and viewers. Although he has openly discussed aspects of his personal life, his romantic relationships have remained more private. However, in recent years, Padilla has clearly identified as straight in various interviews and social media posts.

Padilla Confirmed He Is Straight

In a 2019 video, Padilla directly addressed fan questions about his, confirming “I’m not gay. I’m straight.” He went on to say that although he has always supported the LGBTQ community, he has only ever dated women. Padilla expressed some annoyance at the persistent rumors, saying “I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m gay…I just don’t understand where that came from.”

Long-Term Relationship With Girlfriend

Padilla has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Sammy for several years. They live together and have shared details of their relationship on social media. Sammy has appeared in Padilla’s vlogs and videos, and they seem to have a loving, supportive partnership. While Padilla values his privacy, he has opened up about how Sammy has helped him through difficult times in his life.

Speculation Due To YouTube Persona

Some of the speculation about Anthony Padilla Gay may have stemmed from his over-the-top YouTube persona in the early days of Smosh. Padilla has acknowledged that some of the flamboyant and exaggerated comedy bits may have given viewers the wrong impression. However, his public coming out as straight and sharing details of his long-term girlfriend seem to have put an end to most rumors about his. Padilla appears to be living authentically, focusing on his relationship, work, and mental health advocacy.

Does It Really Matter if Anthony Padilla Is Gay?

At the end of the day, Padilla’s orientation is irrelevant to his success and impact. Whether or not he identifies as gay, straight, his creativity, humor, and positivity have inspired millions of people.

His Content Promotes Inclusiveness

Padilla’s videos promote kindness, empathy, and inclusiveness. His content brings people joy and makes them feel less alone. For many in the LGBTQ+ community, his videos can be a source of comfort during difficult times. Padilla using his platform to spread positivity is what really matters.

Speculation Can Be Harmful

While public figures open themselves up to scrutiny, speculation about someone’s can promote harmful stereotyping. Padilla has stated that he is straight, and we should respect how people choose to identify themselves. Continually questioning or making accusations can be deeply hurtful.

His Personal Life is Private

Padilla’s personal relationships and romantic interests are private matters. As fans, we should appreciate him for the content and joy he brings to our lives, not pry into areas he chooses to keep personal. Padilla’s orientation alone does not define him or make him any more or less of an icon.

At the end of the day, Padilla’s huge heart, humor, and desire to make people smile are what really define him. His positive impact transcends questions of or identity. Padilla is someone who makes the world a little brighter, and that is something people of all orientations and backgrounds can appreciate.


So there you have it. All the clues that have led some people to speculate about Anthony’s. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if he’s straight, gay, bi or whatever. Anthony’s an awesome, funny, creative guy who’s brought a lot of laughs into the world.

And even if he did come out as something other than straight, he’d still be the same charming goofball we know and love. The most important thing is that he’s happy, healthy and living his truth. And whatever that truth may be, we as fans should support him fully. Now go watch some Smosh videos and get your daily dose of Anthony’s quirky comedy!

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