Janine Tate: More Than Just a Magician


You’ve probably heard of David Blaine and Criss Angel, but have you heard of Janine Tate? While those guys get all the headlines, Janine has been quietly honing her craft and wowing audiences with her unique brand of magic. Sure, making the Statue of Liberty disappear or levitating over the Grand Canyon gets you on TV, but Janine’s more intimate, thought-provoking illusions are the real deal. Forget rabbits in hats – this trailblazing woman is changing the face of magic with her unparalleled sleight of hand, ingenious tricks, and warm stage presence. Some say she puts the “art” back in magic. Curious what makes Janine tick? Read on to go behind the curtain with this talented magician who’s so much more than your average illusionist.

Introducing Janine Tate: The Magician Making Magic Exciting

If you’re looking for an entertaining show that will leave you in awe, look no further than illusionist Janine Tate. As part of the dynamic duo with Garry Carson, Janine puts on a thrilling 75-minute show in Branson, Missouri that captivates audiences with her skill and charisma.

A Lifelong Passion for Magic

Ever since she was a little girl, Janine has been fascinated with magic. She spent hours practicing tricks and honing her craft, dreaming of the day she could perform on stage. After attending the Chavez College of Magic, her dream became a reality. Janine wowed crowds with her quick hands and brought a sense of wonder back to magic shows.

Pushing the Boundaries of Illusion

Janine is known for taking magic to the next level with her daring and dramatic style. In “Escape Reality,” she performs dangerous feats like escaping from a straight jacket while suspended upside down, all while cracking jokes and dazzling the audience with her showmanship. She has a gift for creating moments of pure astonishment, whether she’s vanishing exotic animals, predicting the unknowable, or demonstrating apparently superhuman skills.

A True Trailblazer

As one of the few successful female magicians, Janine has paved the way for other women in a male-dominated field. Her talent, passion for her craft, and ability to connect with audiences of all kinds have made her a role model. She continues to inspire future generations to follow their dreams and push beyond the limits of expectation.

Janine Tate is so much more than an illusionist – she’s an artist, an entertainer, and a pioneer breathing new life into the world of magic. Her show is a whirlwind journey you’ll never forget.

Janine’s Journey From Amateur to Professional Magician

Discovering Her Passion

As a successful lawyer, Janine felt unfulfilled in her career. She had always been fascinated by magic as a child but never thought she could pursue it seriously. That is, until she attended a magic show in her hometown. After witnessing the sense of wonder the magician evoked in the audience, Janine was hooked. She began practicing magic tricks in her spare time, improving her skills through hours of dedication and practice.

Developing Her Skills

Within a year, Janine was performing at local venues. She even started a YouTube channel to share her progress with other aspiring magicians. Her skills and popularity grew exponentially. However, the decision to leave law to become a full-time magician was not easy. Janine knew she was taking a huge risk, but with the support of friends and family, she took the plunge.

Becoming a Professional

Janine spent months refining her act and building connections within the magic community. Her hard work paid off when she was invited to perform in Las Vegas. After a series of successful shows, Janine knew she had made it. Over the next few years, Janine toured around the world, amazing audiences with her signature style of magic and mentalism.

Through passion, dedication and perseverance, Janine achieved her dream of becoming a professional magician. Her story serves as an inspiration, proving that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything.

What Makes Janine Tate’s Magic Shows Unique

Clean and Efficient Energy

Janine Tate’s magic shows are like no other. She utilizes clean and efficient energy to create an experience for the audience that leaves them in awe but also deeply inspired. Her magic tricks are all about connecting with something greater than ourselves and tapping into the power of intention and belief.

### A 75-Minute Whirlwind Journey

Over the course of 75 minutes, Janine takes the audience on a whirlwind journey using sophisticated illusions, comedy, and positive messages of empowerment. No two shows are ever the same, as Janine intuitively reads the energy of the audience and creates a unique experience tailored to those specific people in the seats each night. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question everything you thought you knew about reality. Her show is a rollercoaster of emotions and amazement.

Part of the “Escape Reality” Show

Janine’s show is part of the popular “Escape Reality” magic show extravaganza in Branson, Missouri. Along with other world-class magicians, illusionists and mentalists, Janine helps make the “Escape Reality” show an unforgettable night out and one of the hottest tickets in Branson. Her segment of the show focuses on using magic for inspiration, empowerment and raising consciousness.

Janine Tate is a magician like no other. Her shows are entertaining, thought-provoking, and most of all, show us what’s possible when we tap into the power of human potential. Experience the wonder of Janine Tate’s magic and you’ll never see reality the same way again.

Behind the Scenes: How Janine Prepares for a Big Show

To pull off an amazing show, Janine spends weeks preparing behind the scenes. She starts by designing and creating her showstopping costumes, picking out fabrics and trims to bring her vision to life. Sewing each costume by hand requires patience and skill, but the final product dazzles audiences.

Baking Treats

In the days leading up to a performance, Janine’s kitchen becomes a flurry of activity. She whips up sweet treats to share backstage, including her famous fried corn, cornbread, and homemade pie. The aroma of baked goods wafting through the theater creates a warm, welcoming environment and fuels the hard work of rigging up illusions and readying animals.

Rehearsing with Her Furry Co-Stars

Some magicians use birds, rabbits or doves in their acts, but Janine prefers to work with horses as her co-stars. She spends countless hours rehearsing with her equine partners to build trust and ensure their comfort on stage. Gradually exposing the horses to the sights and sounds of performing helps them stay calm under the bright lights. It’s a labor of love that requires patience, understanding and lots of hugs, kisses and carrots.

Through long hours of preparation, practice and teamwork with her horses, Janine is able to create a magical experience for all who attend her shows. The secret to her success is really no secret at all, just good old-fashioned dedication and heart. While audiences may marvel at her illusions, Janine knows the real magic happens in the moments of joy and wonder her shows inspire.

Janine Tate’s Top 3 Magic Tricks Revealed

The Vanishing Card

Janine’s signature trick is making a playing card disappear and reappear in an envelope that has been sealed the entire time. She asks an audience member to select a card, sign it, and place it back in the deck. Janine then seals the signed card in an envelope in full view of the audience. After some magic words and gestures, she asks the spectator to open the envelope, where they find…nothing! Their signed card has vanished into thin air. After building suspense, Janine reveals that she found the card in the most unlikely of places – inside her shoe or tucked in her hair bun. The audience erupts when they see the signed card reappear as if by magic.

Turning $1 into $100

Another crowd favorite is when Janine turns a $1 bill into a $100 bill. She borrows a $1 bill from an audience member and places it in an envelope, holding it up the entire time so everyone can see there’s only one bill inside. After waving her hands over the envelope and uttering an incantation, she opens it to reveal the $1 bill has transformed into a $100 bill. She immediately returns the $100 bill to the lucky audience member. People often come up after shows asking her to turn more of their dollars into Benjamins!

The Disappearing Coin

For her final trick, Janine makes a coin disappear from her hand and reappear somewhere on a spectator, whether behind their ear, in their pocket or even in their shoe. She displays a coin, passes her hand over it while speaking magical words, then opens her hand to show the coin has vanished. The audience gasps. Janine then reaches behind the ear or into the pocket of an audience member and pulls out the very same coin. People are stunned by how she made the coin defy the laws of physics. Her charming style and bewildering tricks leave audiences spellbound.


You have to admit, Janine Tate is more than your average magician. From her unique style to her creative illusions, she brings a whole new flair to magic that leaves you wondering, “How did she do that?” Her passion for magic started early and has only grown over the years, leading to sold-out shows and a massive online following. While she’s achieved immense success already, it’s clear that Janine is only getting started. Her relentless drive to innovate and ability to connect with audiences promises many more thrilling performances to come. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering her now, Janine Tate is a magician who will continue to impress and inspire for years. So next time she’s in your area, get your tickets early – you definitely won’t want to miss the show.

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