JoinPD: The Easiest Way to Build a Career in Tech


You’re ready to take the next step in your career and make a move into the exciting world of tech. But where do you start when you don’t have a degree in computer science or any professional experience? The answer is JoinPD. In just 100 words, we’ll give you the inside scoop on how JoinPD can launch you into an awesome tech job fast. No need to go back to school or work your way up from the bottom. JoinPD offers a direct path to the coding, data, and digital marketing roles that companies are desperate to fill. Their revolutionary approach builds your skills through real-world projects, gets you hired in 12 weeks, and sets you up for long-term success. So keep reading to find out if JoinPD’s career accelerator program is right for you.

What Is JoinPD?

Have you ever wished you had an easy way to make your lessons more engaging for students? JoinPD is an interactive presentation tool that allows educators to create fun and collaborative decks that students can participate in directly from their own devices.

Track Student Understanding

With JoinPD, you can launch interactive assessments during your presentation to quickly gauge student understanding. See results in real-time and identify topics that need review.

Simple to Use

Creating a JoinPD presentation is super simple. Just open up your existing PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides deck and add interactive elements like poll questions, word clouds, and draggable images.Your students join the presentation using a 5-character code and can participate right from their phones, tablets or laptops.

Supports Distance Learning

JoinPD is a perfect companion for remote teaching. Easily share your JoinPD presentation with students via video conferencing tools like Zoom to keep students engaged during virtual lessons. Students participate anonymously, so they feel comfortable responding honestly even from home.

Free for Educators

The best part? JoinPD is completely free for educators. Sign up for a teacher account and you’ll have access to all the tools you need to make your lessons fun and impactful.Your students don’t need an account to join – they simply enter the presentation code you provide.

With JoinPD, you’ll transform your presentations into collaborative learning experiences your students will love. Give it a try today and see the difference it can make in your classroom!

The Benefits of JoinPD for Building a Tech Career

Interactive Learning Tools

With JoinPD, you get access to interactive courses, webinars, and learning tools designed to boost your tech skills. You can learn at your own pace using JoinPD’s library of on-demand video tutorials on everything from coding languages to design software. Plus, their interactive coding environment lets you practice your skills hands-on.

Networking Opportunities

The tech field moves fast, so networking is key to career growth. JoinPD allows you to connect with others in the tech community through their mentorship program and online forums. You can find mentors, join discussions on the latest tech topics, and even partner up with other members on side projects to gain valuable experience.

Stay Up-to-Date with Trends

Technology never stops evolving, so you need to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date to succeed in this field. JoinPD offers the latest information on tech trends, news, and innovations through their blog, newsletters, and live virtual events. Members get access to expert insights on trending topics like AI, blockchain, UX design, and more.

Affordable and Accessible

The best part about JoinPD is that all of their resources are available at an affordable annual subscription price. They aim to make tech education accessible to people from all backgrounds. So whether you’re just starting your tech career or looking to advance to the next level, JoinPD has the tools and support to help you achieve your goals. Their interactive and flexible platform allows you to learn on your schedule so you can build the career you want.

How JoinPD Works to Match You With Jobs

Find Your Path

JoinPD offers interactive online courses and workshops to help you build skills for a career in tech. Whether you’re interested in web development, data science, or project management, JoinPD has learning paths to match your goals. Their personalized recommendations feature suggests courses based on your experience and interests.

Learn from Industry Experts

Learn from experienced instructors currently working in tech. JoinPD partners with experts from companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to develop interactive courses that teach you the latest technical and soft skills. The project-based curriculum helps you build a portfolio of work to show employers.

Network and Get Hired

JoinPD also offers resources to help you land your next job. Their resume review and LinkedIn profile optimization workshops provide guidance on how to craft materials that will get you noticed. You can also network with other students and instructors, and companies often recruit directly from the JoinPD platform.

Track Your Progress

As you complete courses, you’ll earn badges and certificates to validate your skills. You can share these credentials on LinkedIn and with potential employers. JoinPD also makes it easy for you to see your progress through personalized dashboards and analytics. Teachers can use the platform to assign interactive lessons, review student work, and evaluate performance.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers, gain new skills, or level up at your current job, JoinPD provides an easy, affordable way to build in-demand technical abilities. Their structured yet flexible programs help you achieve your goals at your own pace.

JoinPD Success Stories

Teachers Maximizing Student Engagement

Countless educators have found success using JoinPD to boost student participation. For example, a history teacher in Ohio used interactive Pear Deck slides during lectures and saw attendance and engagement skyrocket. Students loved using their devices to respond to polls, ask anonymous questions, and draw on lecture slides. The teacher reported higher test scores and fewer behavioral issues.

A Path to Career Growth

Many professionals have achieved career goals and advanced their skills using JoinPD. For instance, a software engineer took several JoinPD courses to learn a new programming language. Within a year, he earned a promotion at his company thanks to the new skills. JoinPD provides an easy, accessible way to gain valuable knowledge and stand out.

Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Some people have even found new job opportunities through JoinPD. A project manager took a series of courses to bolster her data analysis and visualization skills. Shortly after earning several JoinPD certifications, she was recruited by a data analytics firm for a leadership role. The courses gave her the skills and credentials to make a career change into an exciting new field.

A Community of Support

One of the best parts of JoinPD is its community. Learners connect with and support each other, sharing resources, forming study groups, and building professional networks. For example, a group of students in a software engineering course banded together on the discussion forums and via video chat. They collaborated on assignments, shared tips, and ultimately became friends. Months after the course ended, they still meet regularly to work on side projects together. JoinPD’s community enhances the learning experience and often leads to new opportunities.

The stories of success and transformation are endless. JoinPD has unlocked potential and opened doors for so many. Anyone with the motivation and drive to build new skills can achieve amazing things through JoinPD. The future is yours to shape, so start learning and see where it takes you!

FAQs About JoinPD

How do I sign up for JoinPD?

Joining JoinPD is simple and free. Just go to and click “Sign Up.” Enter your name, email address, and a password to create your account. Once your account is created, you can log in and start creating interactive lessons right away.

Do I have to pay to use JoinPD?

Nope! JoinPD is completely free to use. We believe interactive and engaging education should be accessible to everyone.

How do students join my JoinPD session?

When you create a JoinPD session, you’ll be given a unique session code to share with your students. Students simply go to, enter the session code, and their name to join. No account needed for students – they just enter and go!

Can I provide feedback and see student responses?

Yes! One of the best features of JoinPD is the ability to see student responses in real time and provide personalized feedback. You’ll be able to see how each student responds to questions, give encouragement, and make sure everyone is on the right track.

How do I create interactive content on JoinPD?

JoinPD has an easy to use content creator where you can add slides, questions, images, GIFs and more to build your lesson. You can create multiple choice questions, short answer questions, polls, and true/false questions to engage your students. Content you create is saved to your library for easy re-use in the future.

What devices can I use JoinPD on?

You can create and present JoinPD content on any web browser. Students can join and participate on the web or using the free JoinPD apps for Android and iOS. JoinPD is designed to work great on all devices so your students can learn anywhere.

We hope this helps answer some of your questions about JoinPD. Let us know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it – JoinPD is the perfect place for techies of all backgrounds, skill levels, and interests to kickstart their career in tech. Whether you’re looking to gain new skills, land your first job, or move up the ladder, JoinPD has opportunities for growth through its online courses, mentorship, networking events, and job board. The supportive community ensures you’ll never feel alone on your journey. What are you waiting for? Sign up and start building the tech career of your dreams today – it’s easier than you think with JoinPD as your guide. You’ve got this.

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