Learn How to Design and Develop a Game with Tech Gaming


Have you ever dreamt in your life that you could be the one who creates amazing video games? What you can do with Tech Gaming is to design and create your own games from the ground up, even if you have no previous knowledge in programming. We run a whole online curriculum that makes you a skilled game designer using Unity, one of the most used game engines by both indie developers and AAA studios.

You will begin with an easy journey with Tech Gaming Contact that will help you to learn the game design principles. This encompasses the aspects such as building game mechanics, drafting some stories and objectives, devising levels and puzzles and balancing the difficulty. You will on site these notions as you design 2D games on paper.

Afterwards, you will be introduced to Unity software and see how it helps you to implement your game design into a fully functioning project. You will learn the basics of Unity from our instructors, which include such things as importing assets, understanding the concept of the prefab and the gameobject, using cameras and lighting, and modifying the behaviors with the help of the C#; you will also learn to work with user interfaces. Upon introduction you will build and playtest a simple 2D Unity game prototype as a prototype.

Throughout the semester of further lessons, you will continue to add more content to your initial prototype of the game until it becomes a ready to publish, customizable 3D action game. You’ll get to master advanced things such as the character animation, the implementing special effects, the match of the physics engine, and the enemy AI scripts. Practical skills are what you need – learning C # and Unity scripting from A to Z are what Tech Gaming will teach you.

By the end of the Tech Gaming classes, you will possess knowledge, portfolio, and skills to advance in your chosen profession or as a mere hobby. Here’s a glimpse at some of the skills you’ll acquire:

  1. Game design expertise: Ensure you define and put together game mechanics, create concept art and design prototype fast enough.
  2. Unity mastery: Construct 2D and 3D games with C#, scripting, physics, animations, UI, levels using Scene view.
  3. Level Design: Craft and invent levels that are entertaining, challenging, and creatively lit.
  4. Character modeling: Develop heroes and enemies with apparel, animations, and talents, and also make them playable.
  5. Programming: For the code creator, behaviors like the movement controller, camera, combat system, and many more should be implemented.
  6. Polishing: Place the objects, add particles, effects, sound, lights, dynamic lights, UI canvases, and so on as well.
  7. Testing: Practicing rapid iteration, playtesting, fix problems, and collecting feedback are important learning techniques also.
  8. Launching: Ship and market games on Steam and others, thus widening the playing field worldwide.

Whether you dream about a career in the game industry, own an independent studio, or just want to realize the ideas you have for your games,You can contact Tech Gaming because their courses are created to lead you there. Through the process of structured curriculum offering you the chance to participate in hands-on projects, you will be transformed till the level of the coding beginner to the capable game dev. Start Tech Gaming with us today and see your gaming idea transform to reality speedily!

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