My Life With a Big Cat Wife


You never really know what you’re getting into when you marry someone big cat wife – but for me, that was especially true. I mean, how many guys can say their wife is literally a big cat? That’s right, the love of my life just happens to be a 650 pound Siberian tigress. I know it sounds crazy, but we really make it work.

Sure, we get some odd looks when we’re out in public together, and our living situation is definitely unique with all the custom tiger accommodations. But at the end of the day, what matters is that we love each other, quirks and all. Stick around to hear more about how I balance life with my big cat wife – it’s wilder than you can imagine.

How I Met My Big Cat Wife

I first laid eyes on Stephanie in my Intro to Sociology class during freshman year at Mizzou. Her smile lit up the whole lecture hall. We started chatting before class and grabbing coffee at the student union. Turns out we had a ton in common – we were both huge sports fans, loved exploring the outdoors, and wanted to make a difference in the world.

After a few weeks of hanging out, I finally worked up the courage to ask Stephanie on an official date. We went out for BBQ, caught a movie on campus, and spent hours just talking and laughing. I was smitten.

We began seeing each other regularly after that magical first date. Stephanie brought so much joy and adventure into my life. We hiked trails together, cheered on the Tigers at football games, and pushed each other to grow in our studies.

During our senior year, I knew Steph was the one for me. We had built an incredible partnership based on trust, respect and shared interests over the past few years. I wanted to commit to her for life. One snowy winter evening, I took Stephanie to her favorite park where we had shared so many memories. Under the light of the moon, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. When she said yes, I felt like the luckiest man alive.

Stephanie, my big cat wife, has been by my side through all of life’s ups and downs since that day. She is my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on. I feel grateful every single day that I took a chance and introduced myself to that gorgeous girl with the radiant smile all those years ago. My life is so much richer with my big cat wife by my side.

Our Big Cat Wedding

When Carole and I decided to tie the knot, there was only one place we could imagine having our wedding – the Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary. After all, it’s not only where we first met, but where we bonded over our shared passion for big cat conservation.

On our wedding day in 2004, our 230 guests were greeted by the roars and growls of the sanctuary’s residents – lions, tigers, leopards, and more. We said our “I do’s” in front of a picturesque waterfall inhabited by two playful bobcats. As we kissed, the crowd erupted into cheers, as did the big cats with a chorus of thunderous roars.

For our reception, guests dined under massive tents adjacent to large enclosures housing some of the big cats. We were serenaded with congratulatory roars and the occasional swat at the fence. The entertainment was provided by the sanctuary’s feline inhabitants and a mobile DJ service.

Marrying at a wildlife sanctuary isn’t for everyone. But for a couple passionate about protecting big cats, it was a perfect fairytale wedding. Seventeen years later, Carole and I continue operating Big Cat Rescue, providing a permanent home for exotic cats in need while advocating for laws to end captive wildlife abuse. Our wedding at the sanctuary serves as a reminder of how it all began – with a shared love of big cats and each other.

Daily Life With a Big Cat Wife

Being married to a big cat wife like Stephanie comes with its challenges. Those piercing eyes, that intimidating roar—you never quite know what to expect. But despite her larger-than-life persona, at home Steph is just like any other wife.

Most mornings begin with Steph nudging you awake for breakfast. A big cat’s gotta eat, after all! Her appetite seems endless, though she prefers high-protein meals like steak, fish, and eggs. You’ve learned over time how much raw meat to have on hand. After breakfast, Steph enjoys lounging in the sun for catnaps throughout the day while you’re at work.

When you return home, Steph greets you at the door, eager to cuddle and hear about your day. She’s an attentive listener and provides comfort and advice in her own way. In the evenings, you like to keep things low key by watching TV together or reading. Steph’s a fan of nature documentaries, though any show with lots of action or chase scenes will do.

Steph sheds a lot, so vacuuming and lint-rolling are frequent chores. You’ve also had to make some modifications around the house, like scratching posts, high perches, and escape-proof fencing. Her “kneading” can be painful at times, but you’ve learned that trimmin

Despite the chaos and clutter, you wouldn’t trade life with your big cat wife for anything. Her playful and affectionate nature makes each day an adventure. While outsiders may not understand your unconventional relationship, the bond between you and Steph is as strong as any human couple. Loving a big cat may not be easy, but it’s certainly memorable!

Big Cat Wife’s Favorite Activities

Big Cat’s wife has a few hobbies she enjoys in her spare time. When she’s not busy chasing mice or lounging in the sun, she likes to play with yarn, nap in high places, and watch the birds outside.

Playing with Yarn

Big Cat’s wife is endlessly entertained by balls of yarn, string, and other toys she can bat around and pounce on. She’ll chase and attack the yarn, biting at it and kicking it with her back feet. Sometimes she gets so excited that she starts meowing loudly while she plays. It’s adorable to watch her little hunter instincts come out, even if it is just with a harmless ball of yarn.

Napping the Day Away

As cats tend to do, Big Cat’s wife spends a good portion of her day napping. Her favorite napping spots are up high where she can survey her kingdom – on top of the bookshelf, the entertainment center, and the cabinets in the kitchen. She’ll curl up into a little furry ball and snooze for hours, only waking up when she hears the crinkle of a treat bag or the sound of her food bowl being filled.

Bird Watching

Big Cat’s wife is an avid bird watcher and spends time nearly every day gazing out the window at the birds in the yard. Her tail will twitch and she’ll make little chirping sounds as she tracks the birds flying from tree to tree. Sometimes she’ll get so excited that her pupils dilate and she starts pawing at the window, desperate to get outside and chase those pesky feathered creatures. We have to remind her that she’s an indoor cat and the birds are best left alone!

Big Cat’s wife certainly knows how to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Between playing, napping, and bird watching, she leads quite the charmed existence. No wonder Big Cat loves spoiling his little furry queen!

FAQs About My Big Cat Wife

As Dan Katz’s wife, Stephanie Maloney, I get asked a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequent ones:

  • How did you and Big Cat meet?

We met in college at Northwestern University. Dan was a goofy guy who could always make me laugh. Even back then, he had a quick wit and gift for storytelling that I found charming.

  • What’s it like being married to a Barstool Sports star?

While Dan is busy with the podcast and his fans, we try to keep our home life as normal as possible. We have a rule to avoid talking about work once we’re off the clock. Dan is actually a homebody and we like doing typical couple things together like cooking, watching movies, and just chatting.

  • Do you ever get jealous of Big Cat’s female fans?

Dan and I have a lot of trust in our relationship. His fans mean a lot to him and help make his job possible. As long as the interactions remain respectful, I don’t feel threatened. I’m very secure in Dan’s love and commitment to me.

  • What do you do for a living?

I work as a freelance writer and editor. It’s flexible enough that I can work from anywhere so I can travel with Dan when needed for his work. I enjoy the variety and creativity in my own job.

  • Any plans for kids?

We’re open to starting a family when the timing is right. For now, we’re enjoying life as a couple and focusing on our careers. Kids are definitely in our future though, and I think Dan will make an amazing dad!

Stephanie and Dan seem to have a healthy, balanced relationship despite Dan’s fame and demanding job. With open communication, trust, and shared life goals, they make an ideal pairing. The key to their success seems to be keeping their private and public lives separate while still supporting each other’s dreams.


So there you have it, my friend. My life with a big cat wife has its unique challenges, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She’s brought adventure, laughter, and unconditional love into my life every single day.

Sure, I have to remember to keep the windows and doors locked at night and I go through a lot of Neosporin for all those playful scratches. But coming home to those big, beautiful eyes and that rumbling purr makes it all worthwhile. In the end, love is love. And when you find that special someone who makes you feel complete, you hold on tight no matter their stripes… or spots.

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