Myreadingmanga: The Internet’s BL Manga Haven


You’re just looking for some high-quality BL manga to read, right? Well, let me tell you about an amazing site I recently discovered called Myreadingmanga. This place is a total goldmine for any fan of boys’ love comics. Packed with tons of completed series, one-shots, and ongoing titles, they’ve seriously got it all. From fluffy romances to intense psychological thrillers, their selection hits every genre. And get this – it’s completely free! No ads, no subscriptions, just unlimited BL manga at your fingertips. As a fellow fujoshi, I know how hard it can be to find good reads sometimes. But with Myreadingmanga by your side, you’ll never be without a great new manga to dive into. Let me give you a quick tour of this primo site so you can start enjoying their awesome collection ASAP!

What Is Myreadingmanga?

Myreadingmanga is a popular free manga website dedicated to yaoi, bara, and other BL genres. Launched in 2017, the site has become a hub for fujoshi and fudanshi around the world. ###A Huge Library of BL Manga

With over 10,000 manga available to read for free, Myreadingmanga has one of the largest collections of BL manga on the internet. You’ll find popular series like Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and Super Lovers as well as doujinshi, anthologies, and lesser-known titles. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy or an angsty drama, Myreadingmanga has you covered.

Translated Manga from Japan and Beyond

While the site specializes in manga from Japan, you’ll also find manhwa from Korea, manhua from China, and comics from English-speaking artists. Most series on Myreadingmanga have been translated into English, so you can enjoy BL from all over the world. The translations are done by volunteer groups who work hard to bring you the latest chapters of your favorite manga.

Anime, Movies, and More

In addition to manga, Myreadingmanga also features a selection of BL-themed anime, live-action films, games, and audio dramas. They have subbed and dubbed yaoi anime as well as live-action films from Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. There really is something for every BL fan on Myreadingmanga.

Whether you’re a long-time fujoshi or just discovering the world of BL, Myreadingmanga is the perfect place to read, watch, and indulge in all the boy’s love your heart desires. Happy reading!

A Brief History of Myreadingmanga

Myreadingmanga launched sometime around 2015 to fill a niche for fans of BL manga and anime. ###The site started small but grew quickly.

In the beginning, Myreadingmanga focused on translating and hosting popular yaoi manga from Japan and Taiwan. They also uploaded a selection of gay-themed anime and live-action films. Over time, the selection expanded to include bara, doujinshi, and webtoons.

Myreadingmanga built up a following by providing high-quality scans and translations for free. They were one of the first major websites dedicated to BL manga, helping to introduce many readers to the genre. The clean layout and large selection made Myreadingmanga a go-to resource for BL fans.

Myreadingmanga has endured despite facing occasional copyright crackdowns and changes in hosting services. They’ve moved to different domains and servers over the years to continue operating. The admins are passionate about sharing BL stories with as wide an audience as possible.

Today, Myreadingmanga remains a popular destination for reading BL manga, manhwa, and more. They have a mix of licensed and unlicensed content, though some regions have limited access. The site is a little ad-heavy but still free to use. For BL fans, Myreadingmanga is a treasure trove of manga, anime, movies, and dramas all in one place.

Why Myreadingmanga Is a Top Source for BL Manga

Myreadingmanga is a premier destination for BL manga fans. As one of the largest free sites dedicated solely to the genre, it offers a vast catalog of titles spanning many sub-genres.

Huge Selection

With over 15,000 BL manga titles, Myreadingmanga likely has something for everyone. Whether you prefer light-hearted romantic comedies or more mature works, you’ll discover an abundance of reading options. The site is a particularly great resource for Yaoi, Bara and Doujinshi, featuring both classic and brand new series.

Completely Free

Unlike many other manga sites, Myreadingmanga is completely free to use. You can enjoy unlimited access to its entire BL manga collection without paying a cent. This makes the site accessible to readers around the world.

Beyond Manga

Myreadingmanga isn’t just for manga. You’ll also find a wide range of Yaoi anime, live-action films and even BL audiobooks. This one-stop shop for all things BL means you’ll never run out of boys love content.

Large Community

With its huge catalog and the fact that it’s free, Myreadingmanga has built up an enormous community of BL fans. The site’s forums and comment sections are active, allowing you to connect with fellow readers, discover new favorites and join ongoing discussions about all aspects of the BL genre.

Between its vast selection, zero-cost access, and additional BL media offerings, Myreadingmanga provides an unparalleled experience for Yaoi, Bara and Doujinshi fans. It’s no wonder the site has become the premier online destination for boys love manga and beyond.

The Best BL Mangas to Read on Myreadingmanga

One of the best things about Myreadingmanga is their vast library of BL manga. If boys’ love is your thing, you’ll find plenty to dive into. Here are some of the top titles to get you started.

Junjou Romantica

This popular series follows three couples at different stages of life. Misaki and Akihiko are college students exploring a new relationship. Hiroki and Nowaki are young professionals dealing with jealousy and commitment issues. Miyagi and Shinobu are older men rekindling an old flame. With humor, drama and steamy scenes, Junjou Romantica has something for every BL fan.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

If you like the style of Junjou Romantica, you’ll love this series. It also follows three couples, this time working at a shoujo manga publishing company. Ritsu and Takano were once high school sweethearts reunited as adults. Chiaki and Hatori are an editor and manga artist overcoming creative differences. Yokozawa and Kirishima are salesmen learning to balance work and romance. This funny, heartfelt manga provides a glimpse into the world of BL manga publishing.

Finder Series

For something a bit more risque, the Finder Series follows Akihito, a young photographer, and Asami, a powerful crime lord. Their passionate and dangerous love story unfolds over 10 intense volumes. While more explicit than other BL titles, the Finder Series is a gripping crime drama and forbidden romance. Read with caution – and a cold drink!

Myreadingmanga has many more popular BL series like Love Stage, Ten Count and Yarichin Bitch Club. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, dramatic or steamy, you’ll find the perfect boys’ love story on Myreadingmanga. So get cozy, grab some tissues and dive into a new BL series tonight! You won’t regret it.

Myreadingmanga FAQ: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

When will Myreadingmanga be back up?

Myreadingmanga regularly takes the site down for maintenance and updates. These short closures typically only last a few hours, but can sometimes extend up to a couple of days. The site admins aim to give readers notice ahead of any planned downtime, but unforeseen issues can also arise. Your best bet is to check the site’s Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest updates.

How long does it take for a new doujinshi to be published?

The time it takes for a new doujinshi to appear on Myreadingmanga can vary. The site relies on user submissions, so they have to wait for a kind soul to upload a new work and share it. Then, the Myreadingmanga team needs to review, translate (if necessary), and properly categorize the submission before it goes live on the site. This entire process usually only takes a couple of days, but can be up to a week or more for longer or more complex works. The best thing you can do is enable notifications for your favorite manga artists, circles, and genres so you get alerted as soon as their new works are published.

What kinds of BL manga does Myreadingmanga offer?

Myreadingmanga has an extensive catalog of boys’ love manga in many genres. You’ll find mainstream favorites like yaoi and shounen-ai, as well as more niche genres such as bara (featuring masculine men), shota (featuring young boys), and furry (featuring anthropomorphic male characters). In addition to manga, Myreadingmanga also offers drama CDs, anime, games, and novels. No matter what flavor of BL you’re interested in, Myreadingmanga aims to have something for every fan.

Myreadingmanga is the internet’s premier destination for BL manga, constantly updating its catalog and working hard to bring fans the latest and greatest works as quickly as possible. By staying on top of their social media, you’ll always know the status of the site and be the first to discover new doujinshi, manga, and more. Happy reading!


So there you have it – the world of BL manga available on Myreadingmanga. From light and fluffy romances to darker, more intense stories, the site really does have something for everyone. And the best part is it’s completely free! Just be aware some content may not be suitable for younger audiences. But if you’re an open-minded manga fan looking to expand your reading horizons, Myreadingmanga is definitely worth checking out. Who knows, you may just discover a new favorite in the world of boys’ love. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and read to your heart’s content!

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