Saweetie’s Mom: Meet the Mother of the “Icy Girl”


You know Saweetie’s Mom as the “Icy Girl” who’s taken over the rap game with hits like “My Type” and “Tap In.” But do you know much about the woman who raised her? Saweetie’s mom, Trinidad Valentin, has made a few appearances by her daughter’s side at events and in social media posts.

But there’s still a lot we don’t know about the mother of the rap superstar. What was Saweetie like as a kid? How did her mom support her dreams of becoming a rapper? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Trinidad Valentin to learn more about the life and career of Saweetie from the perspective of the woman who knows her best – her mama.

Introducing Trinidad Valentin: The Woman Behind Saweetie

Trinidad Valentin, known as the Saweetie’s Mom “icy girl’s” mom, was born in 1976. By age 17, Trinidad gave birth to her daughter Diamonté Quiava Valentin, now famously known as Saweetie. Despite becoming a young mother, Trinidad never gave up on following her own dreams.

Aspiring Video Vixen

In the early 2000s, Trinidad pursued a career as a video vixen, appearing in music videos for stars like 50 Cent, Ludacris and more. She hoped to gain more mainstream fame, but her early pregnancy made that difficult. Still, Trinidad instilled a strong work ethic in Saweetie from an early age.

Forging Her Own Path

As a single mother, Trinidad worked hard to provide for Saweetie. She held down multiple jobs to make ends meet, all while encouraging Saweetie’s creative interests. Trinidad’s own experiences helped inspire Saweetie’s Mom messages of female empowerment and hustle.

Remaining Close

Despite her busy schedule, Trinidad has remained close with her daughter. She frequently appears on Saweetie’s social media, supporting her music and public appearances. Their tight-knit bond serves as an inspiration, showing how a teen mom overcame obstacles to raise a daughter who would go on to become a star.

Trinidad Valentin’s story proves that, with hard work and dedication, young mothers can follow their dreams. Her journey from aspiring model to inspiration behind hip hop’s “Icy Girl” shows how, with the right support system, teen moms can thrive. For that, Saweetie’s fans have Trinidad to thank.

Trinidad Valentin’s Early Life and Background

At just 17, Trinidad Valentin gave birth to her first daughter, Saweetie. Born in 1976, Trinidad grew up in Hayward, California with six siblings and is of Chinese-Filipina descent. As a teen mom, Trinidad worked multiple jobs to provide for Saweetie, instilling in her from an early age the importance of hard work and independence.

Family Life

Though details of Trinidad’s own upbringing are scarce, she has said her large, multicultural family and community influenced her open-minded and hard-working nature. Trinidad raised Saweetie as a single mom for most of her childhood. Despite the difficulties, their mother-daughter bond remained strong. Trinidad taught Saweetie to embrace her mixed heritage and to pursue her passions.

Education and Career

While working and caring for Saweetie’s Mom, Trinidad earned an associate’s degree in business. She worked in HR and accounting for many years before becoming Saweetie’s Mom full-time manager as her music career took off. Trinidad’s experience and education have been invaluable in guiding Saweetie’s Mom business ventures.

Though just a teenager when Saweetie was born, Trinidad showed maturity, determination and strength in raising her daughter. Her perseverance against difficult circumstances has inspired Saweetie’s own success and work ethic. The loving relationship Trinidad built with her daughter established a foundation for Saweetie’s confidence and shaped her into the empowered artist she has become. Despite her youth, Trinidad found the resources within herself to nurture Saweetie’s talents and provide her every opportunity to thrive. Their enduring bond is a testament to Trinidad’s profound influence on her daughter’s life.

Raising a Future Superstar: Trinidad as Saweetie’s Mom

As a teen mom, Trinidad Valentin worked hard to support Saweetie. She kept her daughter out of the spotlight, wanting her to have a normal childhood. ### Sheltering Her Daughter

Trinidad was wary of Saweetie’s Mom becoming a child star and shielded her from that world. She wanted Saweetie to live a regular life, focusing on her education. Saweetie attended Diamond Ranch High School in Pomona, California where she was a straight-A student and played volleyball.

Supporting Her Dreams

While Trinidad kept Saweetie’s Mom out of the spotlight as a child, she fully supported her dreams of becoming an entertainer as a young woman. Saweetie began posting freestyle raps on Instagram, gaining attention for her skills. Trinidad encouraged her to keep at it, helping her build connections in the music industry.

Remaining Close

Even after Saweetie found success, she and her mom have stayed very close. Trinidad often appears on Saweetie’s social media, supporting her daughter’s accomplishments. Saweetie frequently cites her mom as her biggest inspiration, thanking her for her unconditional love and support in helping her achieve her dreams.

Trinidad did an exceptional job of raising a hardworking, grounded young woman and superstar. By sheltering Saweetie from celebrity at a young age but supporting her dreams as she grew up, Trinidad helped foster Saweetie’s talent and work ethic. Their close mother-daughter bond is an inspiration and a model of how to healthily raise a child in the entertainment industry. Saweetie’s success is a testament to Trinidad’s parenting skills and the loving environment in which she raised her daughter.

The Close Bond Between Saweetie and Her Mother

Saweetie and her mom, Trinidad Valentin, have always shared an incredibly close bond. As a single mother, Trinidad raised Saweetie with the help of her own mother. Saweetie has said that the three of them were like the “three musketeers” when she was growing up.

A Supportive Presence

Trinidad has been by Saweetie’s Mom side through all her struggles and triumphs. When Saweetie was in high school, her mom would drive her into San Francisco every weekend so she could perform at local clubs to gain experience. Trinidad was even there cheering Saweetie on during her first big performance as an opening act for Post Malone. Saweetie’s Mom has credited her mom for always believing in her and pushing her to follow her dreams.

Best Friends

Not only is Trinidad an amazing mother, but she and Saweetie have also become the best of friends. They love getting glammed up together, going out for dinner and drinks, and taking fun mother-daughter trips. Saweetie has said that as she’s gotten older, she’s come to view her mom more as a friend. They share everything with each other and always have the other’s back.

The unbreakable bond between Saweetie and her mother is truly inspiring. Despite facing difficulties as a single parent, Trinidad raised a daughter who became a star. And their loving friendship shows how parent-child relationships can evolve in the most beautiful of ways. Saweetie is lucky to have a mom who is both her number one supporter and her number one friend.

Trinidad Valentin Supporting Her Daughter’s Career

Trinidad Valentin has been by Saweetie’s side through all of her success and struggles. As a teen mom, Valentin had to work multiple jobs to provide for Saweetie, but she always made sure her daughter’s needs were met. ###Though Saweetie was exposed to some aspects of fame through her father, Valentin largely kept her out of the spotlight as a child.

Once Saweetie began pursuing a music career in her late teens, however, Valentin offered her full support. She has attended many of Saweetie’s shows, red carpet events and award ceremonies over the years. On social media, Valentin frequently posts about her daughter’s accomplishments and praises her hard work and dedication.

Valentin’s support and guidance have been instrumental in helping Saweetie navigate the music industry. As a new artist, Saweetie learned how to handle business meetings, negotiate contracts, and work with labels to maintain creative control over her music. With her mom’s advice, Saweetie has become a savvy businesswoman in her own right.

Though fame often complicates family dynamics, ###Valentin and Saweetie have maintained an extremely close bond. They speak nearly every day, and Saweetie has said her mom is her best friend. Their relationship proves that with unconditional love and support, the parent-child connection can withstand even the pressures of celebrity.

Valentin had Saweetie’s Mom at a young age, but she was determined to give her daughter the best life possible. Her hard work and sacrifice in Saweetie’s Mom early years allowed Saweetie to pursue her dreams. Now Valentin gets to witness the fruits of her labor through Saweetie’s Mom success and independence. Their enduring mother-daughter relationship despite adversity serves as an inspiration. With a strong, supportive woman like Valentin behind her, it’s no wonder Saweetie has become such an “Icy Girl.”


So there you have it – the story of Saweetie’s mom Trinidad Valentin and the major role she’s played in shaping the rap superstar we know today. From supporting her daughter’s talents and dreams to imparting words of wisdom, Trinidad has been a guiding force behind Saweetie’s success. And while the “Icy Girl” may have the fame and accolades now, she’s never forgotten where she came from or the woman who raised her.

Saweetie’s Mom and Trinidad clearly have an unbreakable mother-daughter bond that has stood the test of time. Their relationship shows us how family can provide the foundation we need to chase our aspirations. So next time you’re jamming out to Saweetie’s Mom latest hit, take a moment to appreciate the incredible mother standing behind her.

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