Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous Tips for Driving Him Wild


You’ve got your eye on that special someone Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous, but he doesn’t seem to notice you’re alive. What’s a girl to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to turn up the heat and make him see what he’s missing. With a few simple tips, you’ll have him chasing you in no time. Get ready to unleash your inner bombshell and make that man jealous.

By the time we’re done, his eyes won’t leave you – and he’ll be dying to get you alone. Take it from us, jealousy is the best revenge and the perfect way to reel a man in. Read on to find out how to make him wildly jealous and have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

Understanding Male Psychology: Why Making Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous Works

Making a guy jealous is all about psychology. Men have a biological drive to protect what they see as theirs, and jealousy triggers that drive. When you go out without him or talk to other guys, it makes him question if you’re really his. This activates his primal urge to stake his claim and prove his worth.

Flirting with other men

Flirting with other guys, especially in front of your man, is a surefire way to spark jealousy. Laugh, touch their arm, bat your eyes. Your guy will wonder why you’re giving other men attention that should be reserved for him. He’ll start to doubt how much you really care. This jealousy will motivate him to win you over again with romance and affection.

Mystery and uncertainty

Don’t tell your man every little detail about where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Keep things vague and let his imagination run wild. Men always assume the worst, so not knowing the details will drive him crazy wondering what might happen. He’ll realize how much he values you and your relationship.

Showing independence

Go out with your girlfriends, pursue your own hobbies and interests, and make it clear you have a life outside of him. Men want what they can’t have, so showing him you don’t need him every second of every day makes him work harder to keep you interested. He’ll miss you when you’re gone and the reunion will be that much sweeter.Using these techniques, you can motivate your man by activating his primal drives. Make no mistake, playing on his jealousy is powerful – but also use your power wisely. Keep him chasing you, but also show him how much you care. Find the right balance, and he’ll be devoted to you forever.

Flirting With Other Guys to Make Him Want You More

Flirting with other guys is a great way to make him realize what he’s missing and make him want you even more.

Make Eye Contact

When you’re chatting with another attractive guy, hold eye contact just a little bit longer than usual. Glance at him from across the room and flash a quick smile. Maintaining eye contact shows you’re engaged and interested. He’ll notice you lighting up around another man, and it’s sure to spark his jealousy.

Lean In

If you’re in a group setting, lean toward the other guy when talking to him. Not only does leaning in indicate you’re interested in what he’s saying, but it also amplifies your body language and tone to your crush. He’ll see you focusing your energy on someone else, and he won’t like it one bit.

Be Playful

A little playful banter and teasing goes a long way. Gently tease the other guy and laugh at his jokes. Touch his arm lightly when you speak to make a stronger connection. Your crush will see your playfulness directed at someone else and want that attention back on himself.Flirting with other guys and showing interest in them, whether subtly or more openly, taps into your crush’s competitive nature and desire to win you over. Make him work for your affection and he’ll be chasing you in no time. While a little jealousy is good, avoid overdoing it, just flirt enough to keep him on his toes and wanting more of your attention.

Posting Photos With Male Friends on Social Media

Posting photos with your guy friends on social media can send the wrong message to your partner and stir up jealousy. It’s best to avoid it .Instead of posting group shots with a bunch of your male friends, focus on solo photos of just yourself. This way, your partner’s attention will be solely on you – and you’ll avoid any misunderstandings about your relationship with other guys.

When you do go out with friends, be mindful of how the photos might appear to your partner scrolling through their feed. A cozy selfie of you nestled between two guy friends? Probably not the best idea. A group photo where you’re front and center, clearly the focus of attention and affection? Much better.If a friend does post a more ambiguous photo, don’t be afraid to ask them to take it down or untag yourself. Your relationship is more important than how many likes you get. You can always share the fun memories of your night out with your partner in person.

Be transparent in your communication

The foundation of a healthy relationship is honesty and transparency. Make sure you and your partner have an open conversation about boundaries and expectations regarding social media. Discuss what you’re both comfortable with, and be willing to listen to any concerns. Compromise when you can. For example, you may agree to limit group photos to same-breeding friends only. Or promise to always give your partner a heads up when a new photo is posted so there are no surprises when they log in.

Building trust and strengthening your emotional intimacy will help prevent jealousy from arising in the first place. So focus on what really matters – your connection as a couple. Social media is fleeting, but the bond you share should stand the test of time.

Mentioning Attention From Other Men in Conversation

Mentioning other guys who are interested in you is a great way to grab your man’s attention and make him jealous. Casually dropping hints about the attention you’re getting from other men shows him you’re desirable and in demand. However, there’s a fine line between making him jealous and coming across like you’re not really interested in him.When chatting with your guy, you might say something like, “This other guy asked for my number today, but don’t worry, I told him I’m seeing someone.” This indicates you’re loyal while also showing you have options.

You can also casually refer to another man by name, for example, “Mark said the funniest thing today. He always knows how to make me laugh.” Hearing another guy’s name will instantly spark your man’s interest and have him wondering about your connection.

That said, be careful not to overdo it or provide too many details about your interactions with other men. Your man may start to feel like you’re more interested in these other guys than in him if you frequently talk about them or share private jokes and stories. Make sure any mentions of other men are casual and superficial. Focus the majority of your conversations on your connection with your guy so he knows he’s your priority.

Understanding appropriate boundaries and maintaining open communication are key. Let your man know that while you enjoy receiving some extra attention, he’s the one you want to be with. Make it clear you have no interest in pursuing anything romantic with anyone else. Reassuring your man of your commitment and affection for him will prevent jealousy and confusion, allowing you both to feel secure in the relationship.

The goal is simply to spark his interest and have him see you as a desirable catch, not make him question how much you value him. With the right balance, mentioning attention from other men can be an effective way to drive your guy wild with passion for you.

Pulling Back Affection to Trigger His Competitive Instinct

One way to trigger his competitive instincts is by pulling back your affection and attention. When a man feels you slipping away, his primal urge to pursue kicks in.

Stop Initiating Contact

Instead of always being the one to call, text, or make plans, hold off and wait for him to reach out first. When he does, be friendly but slightly unavailable. Let a few of his calls go to voicemail before calling him back. Don’t drop everything to meet up right away. This signals you have a life of your own and aren’t just sitting around waiting for him.

Decline Invitations

If he asks you out, say no once in a while, especially for last minute invites. Tell him you have other plans. Whether you actually do or not is irrelevant. He just needs to perceive you as being in demand and not always available at his beck and call. If he has to work a little harder to pin you down for a date, he’ll value that time with you even more.

Don’t Always Be Available

When he calls or wants to get together, don’t make him your top priority every single time. Let some of his invitations slide by saying you’re busy with work or other commitments. The less available you seem, the more he’ll desire your time and affection. He may start to worry about you losing interest, igniting his competitive drive to win you over and keep you by his side.

Maintain Your Own Interests

Keep living your own life by pursuing your own hobbies, activities and social circles independent of him. Don’t make him the center of your world. Having your own interests and priorities signals you don’t need him to be happy and fulfilled. Men want partners who challenge them and have their own passions and purpose.

The more well-rounded and self-sufficient you seem, the harder he’ll work to keep up and please you.Using these techniques taps into his primal urge to pursue what he perceives he could lose. Once his competitive instincts kick in, he’ll desire your affection that much more and do whatever it takes to win you over. This is when you’ll have him right where you want him.


So there you have it, ladies. A few simple tips to make your man jealous and keep him on his toes. Use these techniques sparingly and keep him guessing. While a little jealousy can be healthy for a relationship, too much can backfire.

But when used strategically, these tricks will have him chasing you again in no time and appreciating you more than ever. Now go unleash your inner flirt and show him what he’s been missing! Keep things fun and playful, laugh, smile, and make eye contact with other guys. He won’t know what hit him. Most of all, remember you’re a catch – so make sure he knows it!

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