The Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me


You and your pup are always looking for new adventures together dog friendly restaurants near me. There’s nothing better than finding a great restaurant where your furry friend is just as welcome as you are. As much as you both love patio dining, sometimes you need the comfort of eating inside or out of the weather.

But not every establishment rolls out the welcome mat for four-legged guests. When it’s time for a night out, you want the best dog friendly restaurants nearby that offer great food, drinks, ambiance and service – for both of you. There’s no need to leave your best pal behind when you can enjoy a meal at one of these top spots in town that cater to canines too. Keep reading to discover the most pawsome pet-perfect places to dine with your favorite furry companion.

Finding Dog Friendly Restaurants in Your Area

Arlington, VA

According to Yelp, Arlington has some of the top dog-friendly restaurants around. Places like Whitlow’s on Wilson, Ireland’s Four Courts, and Fire Works Pizza offer outdoor patios where your pup can join you. With a variety of cuisines from bar fare to upscale, you’ll find the perfect spot for both you and your dog.

Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, you and your canine companion will be spoiled for choice. With over 20 restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries welcoming dogs, options abound. Some recommendations would be Oso’s Kitchen and Bar, The Churchill, and Mother Bunch Brewing. Most offer water bowls and treats for your furry friend while you enjoy a meal al fresco.

Tualatin, OR

Just south of Portland is the charming town of Tualatin, home to 13 pet-friendly eateries. Check out places like Casa Colima Mexican Grill, Burgerville, or McMenamins Grand Lodge. Their picturesque patios are the perfect place to dine with your dog by your side. Most provide water and special dog menus featuring meaty treats, in case you want to spoil them.

With a little searching on review sites like Yelp or BringFido, you’re sure to find restaurants in your area that welcome you and your faithful companion. So next time you’re heading out for a bite, don’t leave your dog behind. Bring them along and make it a pack outing! There’s no better dining companion than your best furry friend.

The Top 5 Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

Grill ‘Em All (Pasadena, CA)

Grill ‘Em All is a must for burger-loving pups and their owners. They offer beef, chicken, and veggie burgers with crazy toppings, and they have a special “doggie menu” with burger patties, hot dogs, and fries made just for your furry friend. Their outdoor patio is open for dining with your dog.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar ( Multiple Locations)

With locations throughout the western U.S., Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is a popular spot for casual dining with your dog. They have spacious patios and even special menus for dogs. Your pooch can enjoy items like grilled chicken or fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and peanut butter treats.

Yard House (Multiple Locations)

Yard House is a stylish gastropub known for a huge selection of draft beers and upscale bar food with ingredients. Many locations offer spacious outdoor patios perfect for dining with your dog. They frequently host “Yappy Hours” with specials for both dogs and their owners. Check with your local Yard House for their pet policy.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar (Austin, TX)

Hopdoddy is an Austin institution known for high-quality burgers, craft beers, and a fun, casual vibe. Their outdoor patios are dog-friendly, and they frequently hand out treats and water bowls to four-legged guests. On Tuesdays, Hopdoddy hosts a “Paw-ty on the Patio” with drink specials for both dogs and owners.

Portillo’s Hot Dogs (Multiple Locations)

For casual dining with your dog, Portillo’s is a popular choice. They are known for Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and other classic fare. Many Portillo’s locations, especially those in suburban and less dense areas, offer spacious outdoor patios open for dining with leashed dogs. Check with your nearest Portillo’s for their pet policy.

What to Look for in a Dog Friendly Restaurant

When on the hunt for a dog-friendly dining spot, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider to ensure your furry friend has a great experience too.

Ample Outdoor Seating

The ideal dog-friendly restaurant will have a spacious outdoor patio, deck or garden area where your dog will have plenty of room to relax while you dine. cramped space won’t do – your dog needs space to lie down comfortably without being underfoot. Outdoor areas that are partially covered are ideal since they provide shade on hot days while still allowing your dog to people-watch.

Dog-Friendly Staff

Friendly staff that genuinely welcome dogs and their owners will make the experience much more pleasant. Look for restaurants where the staff brings water bowls, treats and waste bags without you having to ask. They should be understanding if your dog barks occasionally or needs to get up and walk around. Their positive, helpful attitude will put you at ease so you can enjoy your meal.

Leash and Harness Required

For the safety and comfort of all guests, the restaurant should require dogs to be leashed or harnessed at all times. Well-trained dogs that respond to commands to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ are ideal for a public dining environment. If your dog tends to bark, jump or pull excessively, it may be better to call ahead to ensure they will be properly accommodated before dining there.

The key is finding a spot that welcomes dogs as openly as their owners. When that happens, you’ll be able to relax, enjoy a great meal with friends and include your faithful companion. After all, dining out is always better with your best friend by your side!

Dog Friendly Restaurant Etiquette and Rules

Keep Your Dog By Your Side

Dogs must remain by your side at all times, preferably within arm’s reach. Do not allow your dog to wander around the restaurant or outdoor patio, as this could lead to disruptions for staff and other diners. Keep your dog on a short leash next to your table.

Only Bring Well-Behaved Dogs

Only bring dogs that are comfortable in public settings and accustomed to the noises and activity of a restaurant environment. Ensure your dog has good obedience training and will remain quiet during your meal. No aggressive or anxious dogs should be brought to restaurants.

Keep Your Dog Distracted

Bring items to keep your dog occupied so they do not bark or beg for food from other tables. Puzzle toys, chew toys, or long-lasting treats can keep dogs distracted and content. However, avoid giving your dog table scraps or human food, as this can lead to bad habits and gastrointestinal issues.

Be Respectful of Other Patrons

Not all diners will appreciate dogs in the restaurant, so be mindful of others. Keep your dog from approaching other tables or diners without permission. Be prepared to take your dog outside if they become disruptive or bothersome to others. Your dog’s behavior reflects directly on you, so ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Following these tips will ensure you and your canine companion are welcome at dog-friendly restaurants and patios for future outings. With politeness and responsibility, you’ll find dining out together can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me

Do all restaurants allow dogs?

No, only pet-friendly restaurants will allow dogs. Regular restaurants typically do not allow dogs indoors due to health regulations, except for official service dogs. Pet-friendly restaurants typically allow dogs in designated outdoor patio areas. Some may have certain breed or size restrictions, so check with the restaurant ahead of time.

Can my dog sit at the table with me?

Again, while pet-friendly restaurants allow dogs in some outdoor areas, dogs are still not allowed indoors or at the table with owners. Dogs must remain in designated areas, like a patio, and cannot enter the main indoor dining areas. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It is a good idea to make a reservation at pet-friendly restaurants, especially if you have a larger dog or group. Popular restaurants can fill up quickly, and they may have limited space on their patios. Calling ahead will ensure they can properly accommodate you and your dog. Some restaurants may charge a small pet fee, especially if they offer amenities like treats, bowls, and cleanup bags.

What should I bring?

When dining out with your dog, be a responsible owner and come prepared. Bring things like waste bags, cleaning wipes, a portable water bowl, treats, a leash, and a mat or blanket for your dog to lie on. Keep your dog on a leash at all times and avoid excessive barking. Be courteous to other guests—not everyone may be comfortable around dogs. With the right preparation and responsible ownership, you and your pooch can have an enjoyable meal together!

The key things to keep in mind are that while pet-friendly restaurants welcome dogs in designated areas, they are still not allowed indoors or at the table. With some general courtesy and preparation, dining out with your dog can be a fun experience for all. Bon appetit!


You and your furry friend now have a handy list of the top local restaurants where you can grab a bite without leaving your pup at home. With options ranging from casual to upscale, indoor and outdoor seating, and menus catering to you and your pooch’s preferences, you’re all set for your next meal out together.

Just be sure to call ahead and double check that they still welcome dogs since policies can change. And as always, keep your pup leashed, well-behaved, and cleaned up after so these pet-loving eateries keep rolling out the welcome mat. Enjoy exploring new places where your favorite companion is more than welcome to join you at the table!

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