VSCO Search Tips You Need to Know


You’ve probably heard about vsco search, but do you really know how to get the most out of it? With so many photos and editing tools on the app, it can be tricky to find exactly what you want. But never fear – we’ve got the inside scoop on pro tips and tricks to take your VSCO searches to the next level.

In this article, we’ll walk through everything from keywords to filters so you can quickly track down any photo or effect. Whether you’re new to VSCO or consider yourself an expert, you’re sure to learn a thing or two about how to transform those searches. So get ready to become a VSCO search master as we dive into the nitty gritty details you need to know.

Understanding VSCO Search

VSCO search allows you to explore the app’s content in new ways. By utilizing metadata like hashtags, captions and tags created by users, VSCO search serves as an intuitive discovery engine.

  • VSCO search categorizes images based on keywords, allowing you to find shots focused on specific editing techniques, styles or tools. Search for terms like “faded”, “matte” or “Portra” to find images edited in those styles.
  • You can search by camera and lens types to view shots taken on gear you’re interested in. Search “35mm” or “Canon AE-1” to find images shot on those cameras.
  • Location-based searches let you find images from places you want to visit or are inspired by. Search for cities, countries or landmarks to discover photos from there.
  • Hashtag searches uncover images tagged with themes or topics you want to explore. Search popular hashtags like #VSCO, #vscocam or #livefolk to find trending images.
  • Mood or theme-based searches, like “ cozy”, “wanderlust” or “ architecture” turn up shots matching those vibes or subjects.
  • Following other users is the best way to find new inspiration. Search for users with editing styles you enjoy and follow them to see their latest shots in your feed.

VSCO search provides an easy way to get lost exploring the diverse array of images within the VSCO community. Dive in and you’re sure to discover new editing tricks, places you’d like to visit and users you want to follow. Happy searching!

How to Use VSCO Search Effectively

Look Through Post Tags

The tags that people use on their VSCO posts can lead you to some hidden gems. Tap the three dots next to a photo in your feed and select “View Tags” to see what tags the creator used. Look for tags related to your interests like #nature, #travel, or #food. Tap any tag to view more posts with that tag. You never know what inspiration you might find!

Explore the Search Feature

VSCO’s search feature allows you to look for specific profiles, photos or journal entries. Tap the magnifying glass icon to get started. Search for locations, colors, subjects or whatever captures your interest. The search results page shows posts from the VSCO community that match your search. Scroll through and follow any profiles that inspire you.

Check Out Suggested Profiles

VSCO’s algorithm provides tailored profile suggestions based on the types of accounts you already follow. Tap the feed icon and select “Suggested Profiles” to discover new creators. These suggestions can expose you to different styles and perspectives to spark your creativity. Follow any suggested profiles that you connect with.

With some digging, the search tools on VSCO can uncover hidden gems and open you up to new inspiration. Don’t be afraid to explore—you never know what might catch your eye! Take your time and appreciate the amazing creativity in the VSCO community.

VSCO Search Tips and Tricks

VSCO has a wealth of presets, filters and editing tools to enhance your photos. Here are a few tips to help refine your search and discover some hidden gems:

  • Use the filtering options like “Most Popular” or “Newest” to see what’s trending now or the latest additions. These types of filters can help uncover fresh inspiration or community favorites.
  • Sort the search results by options such as “Most Downloads” or “Highest Rated” to find presets that have resonated with other users and received widespread acclaim or popularity. These crowd-pleasers are usually a safe bet.
  • Employ specific keywords, phrases and terminology to narrow down the results to more precisely what you’re looking for. For example, search for “film” “retro” or “vintage” to find presets emulating those styles. Or search for “landscape” “portrait” or “food” to find presets suited to those particular subjects or genres.
  • Don’t forget to check out the “Collections” tab which curates presets, filters and tools into bundles based on themes, styles or subjects. This can be an easy way to find an array of options for the look you want to achieve.
  • Explore the “Featured” section to discover hand-picked presets, tools or filters that VSCO is highlighting. These featured items are usually very high quality or on the cutting edge of style and technique.
  • Save any presets, filters or edits you love to easily find them again in the “Saved” tab. You can organize them into folders to keep everything tidy.

With these useful search strategies, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the VSCO editing experience and creating an inspired feed. Happy searching and creating!


So there you have it – some of the best VSCO search tips and tricks to help you find awesome content and profiles to follow. Remember to use relevant hashtags, search user bios, and leverage Advanced Search.

Play around to see what kinds of accounts and photos you discover. Who knows, you may just stumble upon your new favorite artist or photographer to admire daily! The possibilities are endless on VSCO when you know how to search like a pro. Now get out there, get inspired, and happy scrolling!

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