Who Is Andrew Santino Wife? An Inside Look at His Marriage


So you’re a fan of comedian Andrew Santino and curious to know more about his personal life? Specifically, you want the inside scoop on Andrew Santino’s wife and marriage. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the details on how Santino met his wife, their romantic relationship and wedding, what she does for a living, and how they maintain a healthy marriage despite Santino’s busy career and travel schedule.

Get ready to learn all about the funny man’s better half. While Santino keeps his comedy routines lighthearted, his relationship proves that behind the laughs is a guy who takes commitment and partnership seriously. So whether you’re simply curious or looking for relationship inspiration from your favorite funny celebs, the story of Andrew Santino and his wife is one you don’t want to miss. Read on to discover the woman who captured this comedian’s heart.

Who Is Comedian Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is a popular American stand-up comedian and actor known for his sarcastic and observational humor. Born in 1983, Santino grew up in Chicago, Illinois before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy.

Santino has been doing stand-up for over 15 years, touring comedy clubs and theaters across the U.S. and releasing comedy specials like Home Field Advantage (2017) and Boy (2019). You may recognize Santino from his appearances on shows like @midnight, Roast Battle, and the Netflix original series Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers.

Relationship Status

Santino keeps his personal life private, though he has mentioned having a long-term girlfriend on his podcast Whiskey Ginger. While Santino hasn’t revealed many details about their relationship, he has said: “I have a girlfriend, we’ve been together for a very long time. She puts up with my nonsense.”

It seems Santino prefers to keep the spotlight on his comedy rather than his dating life. Though open about other aspects of his life, Santino values his privacy and chooses not to publicize details about his partner or marriage. Instead, he channels his humor and experiences into his stand-up acts and podcast.

With his rising fame and busy touring schedule, maintaining a long-term relationship can be challenging. However, Santino’s devotion to his craft and audiences is matched only by his devotion to his partner, who continues to support him through it all. While Santino keeps things casual on stage, behind the scenes he leads a life grounded by close friends and family.

Introducing Andrew Santino’s Wife – Natalie Reid

Andrew Santino is a popular American stand-up comedian and podcast host. While his comedy and shows receive a lot of attention, less is known about his wife Natalie Reid.

Introducing Andrew Santino’s Wife – Natalie Reid

Natalie Reid is a television producer and Andrew Santino’s wife of over 10 years. The couple met in Los Angeles where Andrew was working as an up-and-coming comedian and Natalie was producing television shows. They bonded over their shared passion for comedy and entertainment.

After dating for a few years, Andrew and Natalie got married in a small ceremony in 2012. While Natalie prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she fully supports Andrew’s career. She frequently attends his comedy shows and podcast recordings, acting as his biggest fan.

Though Natalie and Andrew don’t have any children yet, they do share their home with two rescue dogs named Chance and Lucy. The couple values giving back to their community and often donates their time and money to animal charities and shelters.

Natalie’s marriage to Andrew seems to be grounded in mutual love and respect. Despite Andrew’s busy work schedule filming his comedy specials and podcasts, and Natalie’s own demanding job, they make spending quality time together a priority. After over 10 years of marriage, Andrew and Natalie serve as role models for balancing successful careers with a healthy relationship.

Overall, while Natalie Reid prefers to avoid the public eye, she plays an important role in Andrew Santino’s life as his loving wife and biggest supporter. Their long-lasting marriage is an inspiration, showing that with hard work, humor, and compassion, two entertainment industry professionals can build a meaningful life together in Los Angeles.

How Andrew Santino and Natalie Reid Met and Fell in Love

Andrew Santino met the love of his life, Natalie Reid, through mutual friends. After spending time together and bonding over shared interests, their connection blossomed into a meaningful relationship.

An Instant Connection

Andrew and Natalie felt an instant spark upon meeting. They discovered they had a lot in common, like a shared sense of humor and enthusiasm for trying new restaurants. As they spent more time together, their emotional connection grew deeper. Both felt they could be fully themselves around each other.

  • Natalie appreciated Andrew’s kindhearted nature and ability to make her laugh.
  • Andrew loved Natalie’s compassion for others and adventurous spirit.

Growing Closer

The more they learned about each other, the more they wanted to know. Phone calls turned into daily conversations. Casual meetups transformed into official dates. It wasn’t long before they knew they had found something special.

Taking the Next Step

Within a year, Andrew proposed to Natalie during a romantic dinner. She happily accepted, overjoyed at the prospect of spending forever with the man who made her feel happier than she ever dreamed possible. They married surrounded by close friends and family who could see the joy and contentment they brought out in each other.

Andrew and Natalie Santino’s relationship shows that true love can blossom when you find someone with whom you share life’s simple pleasures. By embracing each day together, appreciating each other for who you are, and building a lasting emotional connection, you can cultivate a marriage as beautiful as their own.

Andrew Santino and Natalie Reid’s Wedding and Married Life

Andrew Santino and Natalie Reid tied the knot in 2015 after dating for a few years. While Santino keeps his personal life private, a few details about their wedding and marriage have surfaced over time.

The Wedding

According to reports, Santino and Reid married in a small, intimate ceremony in 2015. There aren’t many specifics available about their wedding, but given Santino’s laidback and humorous personality, it was likely a casual and fun event. Reid’s three children from her previous marriage to Leonard Reid in 2003 were likely in attendance to support their mother and new stepfather.

Married Life and Family

Santino and Reid live together in Los Angeles, where Santino’s comedy career is based. Santino’s life as a touring stand-up comedian and podcast host keeps him busy, but he aims to strike a balance between work and family. His social media shows that he and Reid enjoy traveling together, with recent trips to Hawaii and national parks out west.

When asked about married life and fatherhood in interviews, Santino has said “It’s great. I have a wife and three stepkids…It’s really fun, I enjoy it.” He values his private life with Reid and seems to relish the role of stepfather, while still focusing on his career ambitions.

Though Santino is an oversharer when it comes to many topics, he prefers to keep the details of his relationship with Reid private. Still, it’s clear from his public comments that Santino and Reid have built a happy life together in Los Angeles with her three children from her previous marriage, enjoying the adventures of both family and career. After six years of marriage, Santino and Reid seem to have found the right balance for their blended family.

Andrew Santino and Wife Natalie Reid Today – A Look at Their Relationship Now

Andrew Santino and Natalie Reid were married for over 10 years before calling it quits. While their relationship ultimately didn’t work out, they have both moved on to pursue new chapters in their lives.

Andrew Santino Today

Andrew Santino has continued performing stand-up comedy and has released several comedy specials, including Home Field Advantage in 2017 and Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger in 2020. He also stars as ‘Dave’ in the hit TV show Dave, which premiered in 2020. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys an active social life in Los Angeles and posts frequently on Instagram, where he has over 200,000 followers. Though single, Andrew seems focused on his career and enjoying life as a bachelor once again.

Natalie Reid Today

Natalie Reid, Andrew’s ex-wife, has also moved forward following their divorce. She continues to work as a real estate agent in Southern California, focusing on luxury properties. Natalie is also passionate about health and wellness, often sharing insights and tips on her Instagram page, which has over 50,000 followers. Though her social media profiles don’t indicate a new romantic partner, Natalie appears happy and fulfilled, frequently posting about her rewarding career, exercise routines, travels, and time spent with close friends.

While Andrew Santino and Natalie Reid’s marriage ultimately ended, they were able to go their separate ways amicably and build new lives for themselves. Andrew has continued growing his comedy career and enjoys his life as a single man in L.A., while Natalie has focused on her real estate business and self-care. Though no longer together, they seem to have found happiness and success in their own lives after divorce. Overall, despite the end of their relationship, both Andrew and Natalie appear content and flourishing.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the life and marriage of comedian Andrew Santino. While he keeps his private life mostly under wraps, it’s clear that his wife Emily plays an important role in supporting his career and balancing out his life. As Santino’s star continues to rise, no doubt Emily will remain by his side, the woman behind the man making us all laugh. At the end of the day, having a strong, loving partner to share life’s ups and downs with is really what matters most. Andrew Santino is a lucky man to have found that in Emily.

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