“Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3”: The Mystery Deepens


You thought this mystery was solved. The oddly translated inscription “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3” found on that ancient Egyptian artifact had been decoded, revealing a secret meaning and location. Or so you had read in the news reports that came out last month. But now new evidence has emerged that calls all of that into question. As an avid armchair Egyptologist, your curiosity is piqued. What really happened with that artifact? What do the hieroglyphics actually say? And what secrets remain hidden, still waiting to be unlocked from the sands of time in the Valley of the Kings? Looks like the mystery is back on, and this time you’re determined to help crack the code before the story fades from the headlines once again. So grab your metaphorical fedora and whip, and let’s get to work solving this thing once and for all. The game is afoot!

Recapping the “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3” Mystery

If you’ve played Baldur’s Gate 3, you may have come across the mysterious “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3” message. This perplexing alert pops up when attempting to open Richly Adorned Sarcophagus in a secret area, yet Withers fails to appear. What gives?

Players have reported encountering this sarcophagus and receiving the message, but Withers is nowhere to be found. Theories abound as to the meaning behind this cryptic clue. Some believe it’s merely a bug, while others think it’s an unsolved puzzle or secret quest. A few even suggest Withers randomly spawns under certain unknown conditions.

Possible Explanations

There are a few plausible explanations for this enigma:

  • It could simply be a coding error or glitch in the game that causes Withers to not spawn as intended. These types of bugs are common in games, especially complex RPGs.
  • It may be an unsolved riddle or puzzle that requires a specific set of actions to trigger Withers’ appearance. The clue is meant to stump players until the solution is found.
  • Withers’ spawn rate could be extremely low, so players have to repeatedly check the sarcophagus until he shows up. Patience and persistence pay off!
  • Withers might only emerge under special circumstances like at a certain time of day or after completing another quest. The message is a hint there’s more to uncover.

Whatever the truth behind this mystery, players are determined to get to the bottom of why Withers does not emerge from his sarcophagus. The intrigue continues!

New Evidence Surfaces in the BG3 Sarcophagus Case

You’ve already discovered some seriously spooky stuff in the Dank Crypt, but the mystery is about to get even creepier. When you investigated the sarcophagus marked “BG3,” strange things started happening.

First, the undead creature named Withers appeared. After speaking with the late Brilgor, you learned Withers was once a priest of Jergal who went mad and turned to dark magic, becoming a lich. Now his phylactery, or soul container, seems to be hidden somewhere in the crypt.

Second, the sarcophagus spoke to you, declaring “Withers not in sarcophagus BG3.” This suggests Withers’ remains aren’t actually in there. So what is? Some ancient evil perhaps, waiting to be unleashed? There are bound to be more clues if you search the area thoroughly.

Finally, Withers himself warned that “the sleeper stirs” and “ancient powers awaken.” ### Whatever’s going on, it sounds like seriously bad news. The Open Hand murders, the strange events here in the crypt—it can’t all be a coincidence.

Some ancient evil connected to the god Jergal and his deranged former priest seems to be awakening. And you have a feeling the sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt holds answers, if you’re brave enough to find them. The mystery surrounding “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3” is only deepening, and the darkness is closing in. What will you discover next in this chilling crypt? The truth may be more terrifying than you can imagine.

Expert Theories on What Really Happened to Withers

Several experts have weighed in on the strange case of Ernest Withers seemingly appearing in the popular role-playing game “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3.” While speculation abounds, a few theories have gained traction.

Time Travel Theory

Some fans suggest Withers may have been a time traveler who got trapped in the distant past. They point to cryptic references in his photos and writings as clues he left for us. However, most historians dismiss this theory as baseless and implausible.

Parallel Universe Theory

Proposed by sci-fi enthusiasts, this idea speculates Withers entered a parallel universe where he became an NPC in the game world. They argue strange details in photos indicate he slipped between dimensions. Skeptics counter that parallel universes are theoretical and there’s no evidence Withers visited one.

Inside Joke Theory

Perhaps the most logical theory is that including Withers’ likeness was an inside joke by the game’s developers. His appearance matches the god Jergal, and the developers may have found humor in using Withers’ image. The location “Sarcophagus BG3” could also be anagram for “photographer BG” (Withers’ hometown). While possible, there are no known comments from developers confirming or denying this theory.

Hoax Theory

Some believe the whole thing is an elaborate hoax to generate publicity. They argue there are too many coincidences and red herrings to be accidental. However, perpetrating such a hoax would have required a vast conspiracy, and there is no evidence to support that conclusion. The mystery of Ernest Withers in this game remains unsolved. The truth may still emerge as players delve deeper into the game world and uncover more clues about this strange phenomenon.

Unanswered Questions Remaining in the BG3 Sarcophagus

After opening the infamous sarcophagus in BG3, you notice some strange occurrences—or rather, lack thereof. The Guardian of Tombs, who usually appears when a sarcophagus is disturbed, is nowhere to be seen. This absence suggests there may be some kind of glitch or bug preventing the spawn. However, it’s also possible there’s a trap inside the sarcophagus that was avoided by having a party member stand at the head of the coffin.

Hidden Dangers

The gargoyle fire traps found throughout the tomb are able to be disarmed, but still spit flames when the tomb is opened. Be extremely cautious of pressure plates and hidden switches that could trigger additional traps. Poison darts, falling rocks, and arrow slits are all possibilities in this treacherous tomb.

What really lies within?

What treasures or terrors await inside the sarcophagus? Rare loot, a miniboss, or something far more sinister? The mystery surrounding “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3” continues with each unanswered question.

Secrets yet to be uncovered

There are likely many secrets, passages and additional quests still hidden within this massive tomb complex. Explore each room thoroughly, checking behind tapestries and under furniture for any clues or keys that may lead to undiscovered areas. The developers are known for intricate details and multi-layered storylines.

While frustrating, these unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions are what keep players delving deeper into the game. The sarophagus in BG3 is just one small part of a vast world left open for discovery. What other Easter eggs, secrets and surprises await? The excitement is in the exploration. Keep searching, adventurers!

The Search Continues: Will We Ever Know What Happened to Withers?

The fate of Withers remains shrouded in mystery. Though the trial granted some closure, questions still linger about what became of him after the war.

Did Withers live out the rest of his days in quiet solitude, haunted by memories of that fateful night in the desert? Was he sentenced to a POW camp, eventually fading into obscurity? The possibilities are endless.

Kyle Short’s chilling photographs provide a glimpse into Withers’ final known whereabouts, but his ultimate destiny remains uncertain. Some theorize Withers went into hiding to escape punishment for his crimes. Perhaps he assumed a new identity and started over somewhere far from the harsh, unforgiving landscape of North Africa.

The Desert Holds Secrets

The Sahara desert is vast and inhospitable, with many places for a man to disappear. If Withers perished there, his remains may lie entombed beneath the sand, undiscovered for decades or even centuries to come. The desert is slow to yield its secrets.

While we may never know the truth with certainty, the possibility of solving this decades-old mystery remains. New evidence could surface at any time, sparked by a long-forgotten letter, the memories of an aging witness, or even a chance discovery in that sprawling sea of dunes.

For now we are left to speculate about Withers’ fate, filling in the blanks with our imagination. Though the desert may keep its secrets, our unquenchable thirst for truth and closure compels us to continue the search. The mystery of “Withers Not in Sarcophagus BG3” endures, awaiting the revelation of some final clue that will at last reveal what became of the man at the heart of this strange and chilling tale.


There you have it, another piece of the puzzle surrounding the mysterious Withers sarcophagus. While we still don’t have a definitive answer as to who exactly Withers was or why their final resting place has such an ominous inscription, the clues continue to pile up. At this point, all we can do is speculate, but one thing’s for sure – Withers and their cryptic sarcophagus have captured our imagination. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any new developments in this strange case, and we hope you’ll stay tuned as we delve further into the unknown in search of answers. The truth is out there, and we won’t stop digging until we find it!

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