WWE Raw S31E19: Results and Analysis of All the Excitement


You know Monday nights mean one thing – drama, action, and over-the-top entertainment, courtesy of WWE Raw. The longest-running weekly episodic show in TV history delivered again with S31E19. If you missed out on the mayhem and madness, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown of results and our take on the good, the bad, and the jaw-dropping moments from last night’s show.

Some rivalries were taken to the next level, unlikely alliances were formed, and a few Superstars emerged as potential new fan favorites. Not to mention the surprise returns, beatdowns, and backstage brawls that added extra fuel to existing feuds. As expected, the road to Money in the Bank is shaping up to be a bumpy one. Strap yourself in, pour a cold one, and let’s recap everything that went down on the latest action-packed episode of WWE Raw. The Beast, the Boss, the Man, and the rest of your favorite Superstars were out in full force, so you know you’re in for a wild ride.

Recap of the Latest WWE Raw S31E19 Episode

The latest WWE Raw S31E19 episode featured gripping promos with passionate speeches and scathing verbal takedowns.###

The show kicked off with a contract signing for the Universal Championship match at SummerSlam between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Tensions were high as the behemoths traded insults, with Lashley calling Lesnar an “overhyped, overpaid part-timer” and The Beast Incarnate firing back by labeling The All Mighty “a wannabe.” After signing on the dotted line, a brawl ensued that took multiple officials to break up. This rivalry is heating up!

The World Heavyweight Championship Tournament also commenced, with the first round of matches taking place. In a shocker, Cody Rhodes upset Seth “Freakin” Rollins, while Finn Bálor triumphed over Shinsuke Nakamura. The other first-round bouts saw Damian Priest get the better of The Miz.

In the women’s division, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair teamed up with Liv Morgan to topple the duo of Becky Lynch and Bayley. The EST of WWE continues to build momentum heading into her title defense at SummerSlam.

The tag team championships were also defended as The Usos retained against The Street Profits. Jimmy and Jey continue to dominate the division, begging the question of who can dethrone them.

Overall, the latest installment of WWE’s flagship show delivered in spades. With intense championship feuds, a blockbuster tournament, and fantastic in-ring action, Raw continues to be must-see TV for sports entertainment fans. Tune in next week for more hard-hitting drama and over-the-top action.

Results and Highlights From All the Matches

The latest episode of WWE Raw was jam-packed with excitement and surprises. Here are the results and highlights from all the thrilling matches:

Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura tore the house down with an chaotic brawl that spilled all over the arena. These two talented superstars have been feuding for weeks, and their anger and frustration was on full display. After a double count-out, the referees struggled to separate them, leaving fans wanting more.

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter made history by becoming the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. In a fast-paced match, they overcame former champs Tamina and Natalya with an upset victory. The young upstarts proved they have what it takes to reign over the division.

A Shocking Finish

Damian Priest took on Sami Zayn in a hard-fought battle. Near the end of the match, the referee was knocked out, giving Kevin Owens the opportunity to interfere. He attacked Priest, allowing Zayn to pick up the tainted win. After the bell, an irate Priest unleashed his rage, decimating Owens and Zayn. The Archer of Infamy is not someone you want to provoke!

With the arrival of new champions, superstars seeking vengeance, and rivalries intensifying, WWE Raw continues to be the place where the unexpected happens. Tune in next week for another action-packed episode!

Best Moments and Surprises From the Show

The March 22 episode of WWE Raw was filled with surprise appearances, shocking betrayals, and unforeseen alliances that contributed to the excitement and surprise factor. Here are some of the best moments from an unforgettable night of wrestling action:

The Return of Cody Rhodes

After a six-year absence, Cody Rhodes made a surprise return to WWE as the newest member of the Raw roster. Rhodes came to the aid of The Miz during his match against Veer Mahaan, helping even the odds and allowing The Miz to pick up the victory. The crowd erupted at the shock appearance of the prodigal son.

Rhea Ripley Betrays Liv Morgan

Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan seemed to have formed an unlikely alliance in recent weeks, teaming together in matches and watching each other’s backs. However, Ripley revealed her true colors on this episode, brutally attacking Morgan after their match and leaving her lying in the ring. Ripley cemented her heel turn and proved she will stop at nothing to dominate the women’s division.

Kevin Owens Stuns Ezekiel

Ezekiel has claimed for weeks that he is not actually Kevin Owens’ younger brother Elias. Kevin Owens came to the ring this week to demand answers and put an end to the charade. When Ezekiel refused to admit the truth, Owens snapped and hit him with a stunner, leaving him flat on his back in the middle of the ring. While Ezekiel continues to insist he is telling the truth, Owens is determined to beat the truth out of him if necessary.

Between the return of a fan favorite, a shocking betrayal, and a stunning twist, WWE Raw S31E19 was filled with moments that left fans’ jaws on the floor. The episode did an excellent job of progressing storylines in unexpected ways and keeping viewers guessing about what might come next. After a night filled with this level of excitement and action, the countdown is on for next week’s episode!

What the Results Mean for Upcoming PPVs

The latest episode of WWE Raw was jam-packed with championship matches and surprises that set the stage for upcoming pay-per-views (PPVs). Here’s what the results mean for the road ahead:

Judgment Day Still Reigns

Judgment Day retained the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against the Creed Brothers, showing they’re still a dominant force in the tag team division. Expect them to defend their titles at upcoming PPVs, potentially against other rising teams like the Viking Raiders or Street Profits.

A New Challenger for the US Champion

Ciampa earned a championship opportunity against United States Champion Austin Theory. Their match ended in disqualification after interference from Theory’s ally, Alpha Academy. A rematch seems likely for an upcoming PPV so Ciampa can get his proper title shot. This new feud freshens up Theory’s reign and gives Ciampa a chance to capture his first main roster championship.

The Uncertain Fate of CM Punk

CM Punk returned but was vague about his future plans, leaving fans guessing. Will he stay on Raw, return to Smackdown, or take another hiatus? His next moves will shape storylines and championships across brands. If he remains on Raw, expect fresh feuds and a possible WWE Championship pursuit. A switch to Smackdown could mean rivalries with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns or Intercontinental Champion Ricochet. Another leave of absence would be a blow to ratings. CM Punk’s decision holds major implications for WWE’s landscape.

New Rivalries Ignited

Two new feuds emerged that will likely culminate at upcoming PPVs: Alexa Bliss versus Doudrop and The Mysterios versus Alpha Academy. Bliss pinned Doudrop in a match also involving Nikki A.S.H., hinting at a developing rivalry between Bliss and the dominant Doudrop. A championship could be at stake if their feud continues. The Mysterios came to the aid of Ciampa against Alpha Academy, setting the stage for a tag team feud that allows Rey Mysterio to step into the ring with his son Dominik.

The events of WWE Raw S31E19 established fresh storylines and rivalries that will unfold over the coming weeks and at future PPVs. The fate of championships and brands hangs in the balance based on uncertainties like CM Punk’s next move. Fans can expect exciting rematches, new contenders rising, and unfolding drama.

Predictions for What Will Happen Next Week on WWE Raw S31E20

With the Royal Rumble just weeks away, next week’s episode of Raw is sure to continue ramping up the excitement. Here are some predictions for what we may see on Raw S31E20:

Rhea Ripley defeats Ivy Nile

Ripley has been on a roll lately and looks poised to keep her momentum going. The Eradicator should have no problem defeating NXT’s Ivy Nile, especially with her size and power advantage. A win here would further solidify Ripley as a favorite in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Bronson Reed scores another victory

The Colossal has been racking up wins since his return to Raw. Expect his hot streak to continue next week with a win over an opponent like Cedric Alexander or Shelton Benjamin. Reed looks to be building momentum for the Men’s Royal Rumble, where he could do some major damage.

Drew McIntyre declares for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match

The Scottish Warrior has been focused on regaining the WWE Championship, so entering the Royal Rumble seems like the logical next step. McIntyre will likely declare his entry in an impassioned promo, putting the rest of the Raw locker room on notice. As a former Rumble winner and 2-time WWE Champion, McIntyre would be a top favorite if he joins the fray.

Other possibilities for Raw S31E20 include:

-A championship clash between Damian Priest and Apollo Crews for the United States title.

-Return of Lacey Evans, who’s been out on maternity leave.

-Advancement in the storyline between RK-Bro and Alpha Academy.

-Announcement of additional Women’s Royal Rumble match participants.

With the road to WrestleMania underway, WWE is pulling out all the stops. Tune in next week for what’s sure to be another action-packed edition of Monday Night Raw!


So that’s it for this week’s Raw. Hopefully we can all agree that was a solid show with a good mix of wrestling, drama, and entertainment. The road to Wrestlemania is heating up and storylines are developing in interesting ways. Tune in next Monday to see what happens next in the saga of Rollins, Murphy and the Mysterio family. Will Lana finally get her revenge on Nia Jax? And what’s next for the tag team division now that New Day are champs again? Lots of questions to be answered. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week and we’ll see you next time for another Raw recap and analysis to satisfy all your WWE needs.

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