WWE Smackdown Episode 1450: What Went Down in the Ring


You tuned in last night for another action-packed episode of WWE Smackdown Episode 1450 and you weren’t disappointed. If you thought the drama was over after the controversial main event last week, think again. The Superstars brought the fireworks in the ring and outside of it. From an impromptu championship match to a surprise return, SmackDown delivered on entertainment.

Did you catch that insane dive by Ricochet? Or what about Sasha Banks slapping someone backstage? The women brought the heat with a tag team clash you won’t forget anytime soon. You may have been on the edge of your seat as the show went off the air on a cliffhanger. Now you can’t wait for the fallout next time. Strap in because we’re breaking down everything that went down in the ring on episode 1450.

WWE Smackdown Episode 1450 Recap

  • The show kicked off with Roman Reigns coming out to cut a promo about being the Head of the Table and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He was interrupted by Karrion Kross, leading to a heated exchange between the two.
  • We then saw a tag team match with The Usos defeating The Street Profits. The Usos continue to dominate the tag team division on Smackdown.
  • The Viking Raiders squashed a local tag team in a quick match. Erik and Ivar seem to be building momentum as a dominant force in the tag team scene.
  • Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler battled in a hard-hitting match, with Baszler picking up the win via submission. This furthers the rivalry between these two women.
  • Sheamus was in action against solo Sikoa in a very physical match. Sheamus won by count-out when The Bloodline got involved. This sets up Sheamus and The Brawling Brutes against The Bloodline.
  • In the main event, Drew McIntyre faced Sami Zayn in a bout with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns watching from ringside. Zayn tried to impress Reigns but ultimately lost to McIntyre.

Overall, it was an action-packed episode filled with hard-hitting matches and segments focused on the top feuds heading into the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view. The Bloodline continues to dominate SmackDown, but challengers like McIntyre and Sheamus are looking to take them down.

Top Moments From the Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos put their Smackdown Tag Team Championship on the line in an epic clash with The New Day. This thrilling match had the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats. Here are some highlights:

  • Right out of the gate, Big E and Kofi Kingston brought the fight with high-energy offense, using quick tags to keep The Usos reeling. Jimmy and Jey fired back with their signature Samoan strength.
  • Midway through, The New Day landed a jaw-dropping double team move – Big E launched Kofi from the top rope into a splash on both Usos! The crowd went wild.
  • The Usos gained momentum after Jimmy landed a thunderous superkick on Kofi. They isolated him and pummeled him with punishing double team maneuvers.
  • Kofi finally broke free and tagged in Big E who exploded with power moves on both champions. The pace quickened with bodies flying everywhere.
  • In the climax, Jimmy landed a roll-up pin on Kofi while holding the tights for leverage. The Usos retained in controversial fashion!

It was nonstop entertainment from two of the best tag teams today. The Usos and New Day left everything in the ring and gave fans a classic championship fight to remember.

Bray Wyatt Returns With an Ominous New Persona

The biggest shock of the night was the return of Bray Wyatt. After being away from WWE television for months, Wyatt reappeared with an ominous new persona called “The Fiend.”

  • Wyatt came to the ring wearing a frightening mask and carrying a sinister lantern. His new look is a huge departure from the cult leader gimmick he previously had.
  • In a twisted promo, Wyatt said “The Fiend” represents his true self that was locked away but has now been unleashed. He warned the roster that no one is safe from The Fiend’s wrath.
  • The eerie segment ended with the lights going out after Wyatt ominously proclaimed “Let me in!” This has fans speculating about what he has planned next.
  • Wyatt’s reinvention hints he will return to being a dangerous and unstable heel character. The Fiend seems poised to prey on other superstars and wreak havoc.

The surprise return of Bray Wyatt in this creepy new persona was clearly meant to shake things up in WWE. It will be interesting to see what fiendish acts The Fiend has in store and who will end up in his crosshairs first. Wyatt’s new gimmick brings a heightened level of suspense and uncertainty to SmackDown.

Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey Face Off

The main event of SmackDown Episode 1450 saw two of WWE’s top female superstars clash in an epic showdown. Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey have been feuding for months, and their bad blood finally boiled over in the ring.

  • Ronda came out swinging, immediately taking Flair down with a judo throw. She pummeled Charlotte with punches and elbows, showing off her MMA background.
  • Flair weathered the early storm and started focusing her attacks on Ronda’s left arm. She used joint manipulation and her signature figure four arm lock to inflict damage.
  • The tide turned when Ronda powered out of the arm lock and nailed Charlotte with a massive belly-to-belly suplex. Rousey is freakishly strong!
  • In the end, Ronda locked in an armbar on Charlotte’s already injured left arm. Flair had no choice but to tap out.

This was an intense, back and forth battle between two accomplished fighters. Rousey proved she’s still dominant despite her long layoff from the WWE. But something tells me this rivalry is far from over. Flair won’t let that loss go unavenged for long. Their next match promises to be even more explosive!

What to Expect on Next Week’s Smackdown Episode 1451

After all the excitement from this week’s episode 1450, the WWE Universe is already looking ahead to next Friday’s SmackDown. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Roman Reigns will be looking for payback after Brock Lesnar’s surprise return and F-5 finisher. Don’t be surprised if The Head of the Table opens the show to address The Beast. This rivalry is far from over.
  • We’ll get the fallout from Xia Li’s debut and attack on Sonya Deville. Is Li now aligned with SmackDown Women’s Champ Charlotte Flair? Could this lead to a title match?
  • Sheamus and Ridge Holland’s new alliance seems destined for tag team gold. They could challenge The Usos sooner rather than later.
  • Will Madcap Moss respond to Happy Corbin’s vicious assault? This intense feud continues to get more personal each week.
  • Sami Zayn’s “InZayn” conspiracy theory rants are always entertaining. What will he expose next on the “WWE Evil” edition?
  • More matches will be confirmed for the upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event. Surprise returns and budding rivalries will shape the card.
  • With WrestleMania on the horizon, tensions are high. Superstars will look to make a statement and build momentum toward the Showcase of the Immortals.

Get ready for can’t-miss action and drama when Friday Night SmackDown airs next week!


So there you have it, folks. Tonight’s SmackDown was jam-packed with high-octane action and drama. We saw The Usos successfully defend their tag titles against The Bar in an epic clash. Charlotte Flair showed her dominance by making short work of Naomi. And let’s not forget that insane main event pitting AJ Styles against Shinsuke Nakamura with the WWE title on the line.

These two tore the house down as expected. While Nakamura came close to winning on several occasions, the Phenomenal One proved why he’s the champ by gutting it out and hitting the Styles Clash for the hard-fought victory. Overall, tonight’s show delivered big time with the thrill rides and plot twists we’ve come to expect from SmackDown. It left us pumped up and already counting down the days until next week’s action. Thanks for tuning in and see you next time!

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