Your Complete Guide to Geekzilla Radio


You’re a pop culture junkie who’s always looking for the next cool podcast to binge. Well get ready, because we’ve got the inside scoop on an up-and-coming podcast that will feed your inner geek. Geekzilla Radio is the ultimate hangout for fans obsessed with sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming and more. The hosts are hilarious best buds with infectious chemistry who gush about everything from Star Wars to Dungeons & Dragons. As soon as you hit play on their goofy banter and heated debates, you’ll feel like you’re right there geeking out with friends. With this guide, you’ll discover the origins of Geekzilla Radio, get to know the hosts, learn about their wackiest segments, and find out how to get in on the fun. Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite podcast!

What Is Geekzilla Radio?

Geekzilla Radio is an award-winning talk radio show and podcast that covers science, technology, and geek culture. The show combines tech news with product reviews and amusing comments in an innovative audio style. Hosts John and Jane Doe provide insightful commentary and analysis on the inner workings of geek culture.

Informative and Entertaining

Each week, John and Jane discuss the latest topics in science and tech, from artificial intelligence and space exploration to startups and gadgets. They report on news in an engaging way, explaining complex subjects through fun stories and banter. The show educates listeners on exciting innovations as well as the implications of different technologies.

Product Reviews and Recommendations

John and Jane regularly review and recommend the best tech products for geeks. They test out everything from laptops and smartphones to gaming gear and smart home devices. Their hands-on experience and passion for finding the top gadgets help listeners discover tools to enhance their geeky lives.

All Things Geek Culture

More than just another tech podcast, Geekzilla Radio explores geek culture in all its forms. John and Jane comment on sci-fi books and movies, discuss comic books and superheroes, and debate about fantasy weapons or time travel theories. They celebrate all things geeky, weird and wonderful.

With an addictive mix of news, reviews, commentary and humor, Geekzilla Radio brings joy to geeks everywhere. Tune in each week to learn, laugh and feed your inner nerd. This show is for anyone fascinated by technology, science and the cultures that surround them.

History and Background of Geekzilla Radio

Founding and Early Years

Geekzilla Radio was founded in 2008 by Leticia Lopez in Los Angeles. Over the past decade, Geekzilla Radio has evolved into a multifaceted hub for diverse content, but it started as a humble podcast discussing sci-fi books, movies and TV shows. Leticia launched the show from her home studio, interviewing authors and reviewing the latest in geek culture.

Expansion Into New Formats

As the show grew in popularity, Leticia expanded into video streaming and blogging. In 2010, Geekzilla Radio began live streaming video interviews and roundtable discussions on YouTube and Twitch. Leticia also started the Geekzilla Radio blog to provide in-depth coverage of events like San Diego Comic-Con.

Relocation to Dedicated Studio

In 2015, Geekzilla Radio moved into its own studio space, allowing for higher production value video and audio content. Leticia brought on additional hosts and producers to help manage the workload. Geekzilla Radio now releases several podcast episodes a week, along with regular video streams and blog posts. They have become a trusted source for all things in geek culture, sci-fi and fantasy.

What The Future Holds

Over a decade in, Geekzilla Radio continues to evolve. Leticia hopes to produce more long-form content like documentaries, expand into new social platforms, and bring on diverse new voices. However, Geekzilla Radio remains dedicated to its original mission: creating a space for fans to celebrate and explore geek culture in all its many forms. The future looks bright for this pioneering media company.

Popular Shows and Episodes on Geekzilla Radio

Geekzilla Podcast

The flagship show on Geekzilla Radio discusses the latest topics trending in geek culture each week. The hosts analyze everything from the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film to fan theories about what’s going to happen in the next season of Stranger Things. If there’s a big event happening in geekdom, you can bet the Geekzilla Podcast will be all over it.

Retro Rewind

For geeks nostalgic for the good old days, Retro Rewind is the show for you. Each episode revisits a video game, movie, TV series or comic book from 20-30 years ago. The hosts discuss why these cultural touchpoints were so impactful at the time and debate how well they hold up today. Recent episodes have covered retro favorites like Street Fighter II, Batman: The Animated Series and the original PlayStation console.

Roll for Initiative

Calling all tabletop gaming fans! Roll for Initiative focuses on roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. The show provides tips for game masters and players, reviews of new sourcebooks and adventures, and discussions on ways to improve your campaign. They also frequently host interviews with industry veterans who were instrumental in shaping the early days of tabletop gaming.

Code Monkey

For geeks interested in technology and programming, Code Monkey delivers in-depth interviews with software engineers, web developers, and other tech industry experts. The hosts ask their guests about the latest frameworks, languages, and tools that programmers should know. They also provide tutorials on coding techniques and best practices for beginners looking to break into the tech field. If you want to build the next big app or just get started with Python, Code Monkey has the resources you need.

How to Listen to Geekzilla Radio


The easiest way to listen to Geekzilla Radio is through their official website, There, you’ll find access to their entire catalog of shows, specials and extras. You can stream episodes directly on the site or download them to listen offline later on your device of choice.

Podcast Apps

Geekzilla Radio is available on all major podcast platforms, so you can subscribe and listen through your favorite app like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts. Search for “Geekzilla Radio” to find the show and subscribe. New episodes will download automatically as soon as they’re released.

Live Streaming

For the truly dedicated geeks, Geekzilla Radio also live streams their shows and occasionally hosts Q&A’s and behind-the-scenes extras. Tune in live on their website or through platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming. Interact with the hosts and other fans in the chat and maybe even get a shout out on the air.

Extras Galore

In addition to their regular lineup of shows discussing movies, TV, comics, gaming and all things geek culture, Geekzilla Radio frequently releases bonus content for subscribers like video podcasts, blooper reels, cast interviews and more. They also host regular giveaways and contests on social media for the chance to win Geekzilla merch, media and experiences.

Whether you prefer to stream, download, subscribe or all of the above, there are plenty of ways to get your geek on with the hilarious hosts of Geekzilla Radio. Tune in and prepare to get your geek on!

Geekzilla Radio FAQs

How do I listen to Geekzilla Radio?

You have two options to tune in to Geekzilla Radio. You can listen through their website or by downloading the Geekzilla Radio mobile app. Both options are free and allow you to stream episodes live or on-demand. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Listening through the website works on any browser on your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

What kind of questions do the hosts ask?

The Geekzilla Radio hosts are known for asking thought-provoking questions that elicit genuine responses from their guests. They want to dig deeper into each guest’s experiences, perspectives and stories. Questions go beyond the typical “what was it like on set” or “how did you prepare for this role.” Instead, the hosts ask about meaningful life events, personal interests and what really makes each guest tick.

How is Geekzilla Radio different?

Geekzilla Radio aims to simplify and entertain in unique ways. Episodes feel more like casual conversations between friends rather than a traditional Q&A interview. The show’s atmosphere is relaxed, authentic and often quite funny. While the primary focus is on movies, TV, books, and pop culture, conversations frequently veer into other unexpected areas in a very organic fashion. This unstructured style, combined with the hosts’ ability to put guests at ease, results in discussions that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Do guests only talk about their current projects?

Not at all. While guests do discuss any recent or upcoming work, the conversations span their entire careers and lives. The hosts prompt guests to share stories from early days, favorite memories, pivotal moments, and other life events—both personal and professional. These types of open-ended discussions allow listeners to get to know guests on a much deeper level.


And there you have it – the complete guide to everything Geekzilla Radio. From the history of the show to some of the most memorable segments, consider yourself an expert now on one of the longest-running and most popular geek culture podcasts out there. Whether you’re a longtime listener or just discovered the ‘Zilla, you now know the highlights that make this show a staple for pop culture and sci-fi fans. Now it’s your turn – dive in and experience Geekzilla Radio for yourself. Get ready for nonstop entertainment as you join the worldwide community of ‘Zilla maniacs who can’t get enough of the podcast’s signature blend of humor, celebrity interviews, debates, and all things geek. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll passionately argue – and you’ll never be bored. So what are you waiting for? Press play today and step into the Geekzilla zone.

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