Andrew Santino Wife: What We Know About the Funnyman’s Partner


You know Andrew Santino as the hilarious stand-up comedian and actor who never fails to crack you up. Whether he’s riffing on relationships and dating on his Whiskey Ginger podcast or stealing scenes as Dave on Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, Santino always brings the funny. But behind the laughs is a devoted husband who prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. Though Santino doesn’t dish much about his wife, fans are still curious to know: who is the woman behind this comedy star? While Santino plays coy about his better half, we’ve dug up a few details on the funnyman’s mysterious partner. Read on to find out everything we know so far about Andrew Santino’s wife.

Who Is Comedian Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is a stand-up comedian born on October 16, 1983 in Chicago, Illinois. You may recognize him as the co-host of the popular podcast “BAD FRIENDS” with Bobby Lee, or from his roles on ABC’s comedy “MIXOLOGY” and FX’s “DAVE”.

His Early Life

Santino grew up in the outskirts of Chicago with his parents and two sisters. His father worked as a truck driver while his mother stayed home to raise the kids. From an early age, Santino was the class clown, always making people laugh with his quick wit and improvisational skills.

His Comedy Career

After high school, Santino moved to Los Angeles to pursue stand-up comedy full-time. He spent years performing at open mics and small clubs before landing spots on shows like @midnight, Roast Battle, and CONAN. His first hour-long special, Home Field Advantage, was released in 2017 and showcased his edgy, high-energy style of humor.

Recent Work

These days, in addition to co-hosting “BAD FRIENDS,” Santino tours nationally and continues to appear on late-night shows. He also has a role on the new comedy series “DAVE,” based loosely on the life of rapper Lil Dicky. With his boyish charm and everyman appeal, Santino has cultivated a devoted fan following and established himself as an up-and-coming force in comedy. Though his future remains wide open, one thing’s for sure – Andrew Santino is here to make you laugh.

Is Andrew Santino Married?

Andrew Santino is a comedian known for keeping his personal life private. However, it seems the funnyman has been married for several years. ### According to various online sources, Santino tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend back in 2017.

While Santino hasn’t officially confirmed the identity of his wife, some reports point to Danielle Brookes or Sarah Bolger as possibilities. Whoever she is, Santino’s wife appears to prefer staying out of the spotlight. Can’t say we blame her, given how intensely celebrities’ personal lives are scrutinized these days!

Though Santino is hush-hush about his marital status, he has mentioned his wife and their relationship in his comedy routines and podcasts before. In a bit from one of his stand-up shows, Santino joked about how his spouse isn’t a fan of his habit of impulse buying expensive sneakers. He also talked about going through relationship counseling on his podcast, which suggests the couple has been working to strengthen their marriage.

It seems Santino’s wife not only accepts his quirks but also supports his comedy career. In an interview, Santino credited his wife for encouraging him to start his podcast in the first place. She pushed him out of his comfort zone, he said, and it ended up being one of the best decisions he’s made.

While Santino’s comedy may be over the top, he appears to have a loving and grounded relationship at home. The fact that his wife has stood by him for so long, even with his unconventional career and humor, shows they likely have a solid partnership based on mutual understanding and respect. Though Santino doesn’t share many details about his married life, the glimpses he gives indicate it’s a pretty sweet deal. Looks like this funnyman got the last laugh in love!

All About Andrew Santino’s Wife Natalie: What We Know

While Andrew Santino frequently mentions his wife Natalie on his podcasts, she remains largely private and out of the spotlight. Here are the few details we know about the woman who captured the funnyman’s heart.

A Longtime Partner

Andrew and Natalie have been together for over 10 years. Though the exact date they started dating is unclear, Andrew proposed on Natalie’s birthday in 2012. The couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in 2018. Through all his ups and downs, Natalie has remained by Andrew’s side as his closest confidant and support system.

Stays Out of the Limelight

Unlike some celebrity wives, Natalie prefers to avoid the public eye. She does not appear on Andrew’s social media accounts or join him at public events and red carpets. Andrew has said that Natalie is a very private person who values her anonymity. He respects her wishes to remain behind the scenes and keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

Enjoys Simple Pleasures

From the little Andrew has shared, it seems Natalie prefers a quiet life filled with simple pleasures. She and Andrew enjoy cooking meals at home, watching movies, and going on hikes with their dogs. Natalie grounds Andrew and provides a sense of normalcy separate from the craziness of Hollywood. Her down-to-earth nature and nurturing spirit have clearly had an immense impact on Andrew’s life and career over the years.

Though Natalie Santino chooses to avoid fame and publicity, she plays an instrumental role in Andrew’s success and happiness. With her loving support behind the scenes, Andrew is free to focus on his work, entertaining audiences with his signature brand of humor and charisma. Natalie may remain a mystery, but there’s no doubting her importance as Andrew’s long-time confidant and biggest fan.

Andrew Santino and Natalie’s Relationship Timeline

Andrew Santino and Natalie Taylor seem to have a loving and supportive relationship. They began dating in 2016, shortly after Andrew moved to Los Angeles to pursue stand-up comedy full time. Natalie, originally from Dallas, Texas, worked as an account executive for Anthropologie.

Meeting in LA

They reportedly met through mutual friends not long after Andrew relocated to LA. Andrew has said that Natalie was one of the first people he met in the city and that she showed him around. They bonded over their shared interests in comedy, travel, and trying new restaurants.

Engagement and Marriage

The couple got engaged in 2018 while on a trip to Hawaii. Andrew proposed in a secluded area of Waimea Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” They tied the knot on May 4, 2019, in a small ceremony in Malibu, California. The wedding was attended by close friends and family, including fellow comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura, who were members of the wedding party.

Supporting Each Other’s Careers

Natalie and Andrew seem to fully support each other’s careers. Natalie has accompanied Andrew on several of his stand-up tours, and he has shouted her out during some of his shows, referring to her as his “hot wife.” Natalie also manages Andrew’s social media accounts and helps coordinate his tour schedules. In turn, Andrew attends Natalie’s work events and has said she is a huge source of encouragement and motivation for him.

Building a Life Together

The couple currently resides in Los Angeles, where Andrew continues to focus on stand-up and his podcast, “Whiskey Ginger.” While not much else is known about their private life together, from what they share publicly, Andrew and Natalie appear to have built a happy life with each other over the past few years. Their relationship is a shining example of how vital a strong, supportive partner can be in show business. Overall, they seem thrilled with their decision to make a life together in LA.

Andrew Santino Wife FAQ: Answering Your Top Questions

How did Andrew Santino meet his wife?

According to Santino, he and Danielle actually met on Tinder. They both swiped right, started chatting, and the rest is history. While dating apps don’t have the best reputation, their meet-cute story proves that you really can find meaningful connections online.

Did they get married?

Yes, Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks got married in 2018. While Santino is usually pretty private about his personal life, he confirmed their marriage in a podcast interview with fellow comedian Whitney Cummings. Though he didn’t share many details, he did say that married life was going well so far and that Danielle was a “great lady.”

What does Danielle do for a living?

Danielle’s profession is unclear. Santino hasn’t shared many details about his wife’s work or background. She appears to lead a private life and stay out of the spotlight. Given how open Santino is with sharing stories from his daily life, it seems he respects Danielle’s privacy and boundaries regarding what he shares publicly about their relationship.

Do they have any children?

As of 2021, Andrew Santino and Danielle do not appear to have any children. Santino hasn’t mentioned having kids in any of his comedy routines or social media posts. The couple may be focused on their careers for now before starting a family. Or, they may choose to remain childfree. Unless Santino addresses the topic in the future, we can’t say for sure either way.

What’s their relationship like?

From what Santino has shared, he and Danielle seem to have a playful, good-humored relationship built on mutual understanding and trust. For example, Santino has joked that they both disliked their therapists before meeting each other. Overall though, Santino keeps the details of their marriage private while speaking about his wife with clear affection and respect.


So there you have it. While Andrew Santino tends to keep his private life on the down low, we do know a little bit about his wife. They seem like a happy couple who have built a life together in LA. At the end of the day, the details of their relationship aren’t really anyone’s business but their own. As long as Santino keeps bringing the funny on stage and screen, and as long as he and his wife are content, does it really matter how much we know about his partner? The important thing is that this comedian clearly has a soft spot for his lady, even if he doesn’t talk much about her in interviews. We wish them both all the best.

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