Family Business Season 5: What to Expect From the New Episodes


You know how it is when your favorite show goes on hiatus—the wait feels endless! Well, get ready for the drought to end. Family Business, the hit reality show following the highs and lows of running a family-owned car dealership, is coming back for Season 5. Rumors are already swirling about big changes in store for the cast. Tune in to get the inside scoop on all the drama about to unfold. Will Shelley and Vance’s marriage survive the pressure of working together? Can Junior step up as a leader? And what surprise announcement will rock the family dynamics? Strap in, because if this season is anything like the last, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Overview of Family Business

Family-owned businesses make up 90% of companies in the U.S. and play a huge role in the economy. The hit show Family Business follows the lives of three generations of the Pearson family, owners of a sports marketing firm. As season 5 begins, here’s what you can expect:

The Pearsons have weathered many storms over 40+ years in business, proving that family companies can stand the test of time when built on trust and shared values. Patriarch Arthur Pearson founded the firm, with son Danny now CEO. Danny’s kids, Amanda and Nick, represent the third generation.

  • Amanda spearheads the firm’s digital marketing division, utilizing her tech savvy and passion for analytics to land big clients. Her modern approach sometimes clashes with Danny’s old-school style, creating tensions that mirror common generational differences in family businesses.
  • Nick struggled to find his path at first but has come into his own leading business development. However, past personal setbacks and a tendency toward recklessness could threaten his progress. Like many next-gen family members, he grapples with forging an identity separate from the family legacy.
  • Danny aims to balance his kids’ ambitions with the firm’s best interests. His desire to pass the torch must be weighed against ensuring the company’s stability. This difficult position is familiar to patriarchs of multigenerational family businesses.

With authentic dynamics and relatable family struggles, Family Business provides an inside look at the complex realities of running a family company. Season 5 is sure to deliver new challenges, triumphs, and life lessons as the Pearsons navigate family ties and business demands. The future of this family business is anything but certain, yet their bond inspires hope they’ll weather any storm.

Recap of Previous Seasons

If you’re just jumping into Family Business now, you’ve missed out on a lot of drama. Here’s a quick recap to catch you up:

In season 1, the Duncans’ latest shipment gets hijacked, throwing the family into chaos. Determined to get it back, Alejandro flies across the country to demand the safe return of his “merchandise.” After some tense negotiations, a deal is struck and the Duncans are back in business.

  • In season 2, we learn the Duncan “family business” is actually an illegal gun-running operation. When LC’s girlfriend finds out the truth behind the family’s fortune, LC has to decide between love and loyalty.
  • Season 3 follows the Duncans as they try to go legit with a security firm. But old enemies and backstabbing rivals conspire to drag them back into the dangerous world they’re trying to escape.
  • Last season, the Duncans were blackmailed into one final job. Out of options, they assemble for an epic showdown to free themselves from the sinister forces that have been pulling their strings.

After four seasons of close calls, shady deals, and family drama, the Duncans are battered but still standing. However, it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll finally achieve their dream of leaving their criminal past behind for good. One thing’s for sure—there’s never a dull moment when you’re in the family business!

What We Know About Season 5 So Far

According to Carl Weber, the creator of “The Family Business,” Season 5 is coming! While BET has not made an official announcement yet, Weber recently said “we’re working on Season 5 right now.” This is exciting news for fans who have been eagerly awaiting news about the continuation of the show.

Season 5 will pick up where Season 4 left off, following the Duncan family as they navigate dangerous enemies and new romances. Based on Weber’s comments, it sounds like Season 5 has already been written and production will likely begin filming new episodes soon. We can probably expect Season 5 to premiere sometime in mid-to-late 2022.

Fans are speculating about what might happen in the new season. Will the Duncan family finally take down their nemesis, the Zunigas? Will we see Junior and Paris’s wedding? What new challenges will the family face? One thing we know for sure is that Season 5 is bound to be full of surprises, drama, action and humor, just like the previous seasons.

With all four seasons of “The Family Business” now available for streaming on Netflix, this is the perfect time to rewatch or catch up on the show before Season 5 premieres. The series follows the Duncans, an upstanding family who run a thriving exotic car dealership in New York. However, their legitimate business is actually a front for their criminal enterprise. The show stars Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Darrin Henson and Sean Ringgold.

“The Family Business” has become a hit, in large part thanks to its memorable and complex characters, over-the-top storylines, and themes of family, relationships and moral dilemmas. Fans around the world will surely be overjoyed to dive back into the world of the Duncans for a fifth season. While we wait for an official premiere date, we’ll be eagerly checking Carl Weber’s social media for any hints or updates about what to expect!

Predictions for Season 5 Storylines and Character Arcs

If Netflix renews Stranger Things for a fifth and final season, there are a few storylines and character arcs we can expect.

First, the love triangle between Eleven, Mike, and the new girl in Hawkins will likely continue to cause tension. As the kids enter high school, their interests in relationships will grow, as will the drama. Eleven has had a crush on Mike since Season 1, but with the introduction of a new romantic rival, her jealousy may lead her to use her powers in dangerous ways.

We’ll also probably see more of the budding romance between Max and Lucas. Though they bonded over video games and skateboarding in Season 3, Max’s overprotective brother Billy prevented them from becoming official. Now that Billy is out of the picture, Max and Lucas will have the freedom to pursue their feelings for one another.

Additionally, Hopper’s return from the Russian prison will be a driving force in Season 5. After being presumed dead, Hopper will likely come back a changed man. His reunion with Joyce, Eleven and the rest of the Hawkins crew will be emotional. And he may bring warning of new threats from the Soviets that will require the team to band together once again to save their town.

Finally, there are hints that Dr. Brenner, Eleven’s manipulative “Papa” from her days in the Hawkins Lab, may still be alive. If he returns in Season 5 seeking revenge on Eleven for escaping his control, it would make for a climactic final showdown. Eleven would have to tap into her darkest abilities to defeat him once and for all, before ultimately embracing her new family and a normal life.

The last installment of Stranger Things promises to provide a satisfying conclusion for fans who have grown up with these characters. While we’ll be sad to say goodbye, the final adventures of Eleven and co. are sure to be action-packed and full of ’80s nostalgia.

When and Where to Watch Family Business Season 5

As of summer 2021, there is no official release date for Season 5 of Family Business. However, based on the pattern of previous seasons, we can expect the new episodes to drop on Netflix sometime in summer 2024.

Netflix has become the streaming home for Family Business. All four seasons are currently available to binge-watch on the platform for subscribers. Season 5 will likely follow the same model, with all episodes releasing at once on the premiere date for maximum binge-ability.

If Netflix renews the show for a fifth season, they will announce the news on their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The show’s creators will also share updates on renewal and release dates on the official Family Business social accounts and website. Be sure to follow them to get news about Season 5 as soon as it’s announced.

In the meantime, now is the perfect chance to re-watch or catch up on the previous four seasons. The show follows the exploits of the rambunctious, tight-knit Duncan family as they run their small Caribbean island resort. Packed with comedy, drama, and heart, Family Business has become a fan favorite.

Once Season 5 premieres, you’ll want to avoid spoilers at all costs until you can dive in. Call in sick, stock up on snacks, and get ready to marathon through the new episodes. The Duncan family adventures continue, and Season 5 is sure to bring more chaos, laughter, and poignant moments. Stay tuned for an official announcement about the next chapter of this heartwarming family saga.


So there you have it – a deep dive into everything we know so far about Family Business Season 5. The Braun family is back with more hilarious hijinks, awkward family dynamics, and shady business deals in the works. As the new episodes drop, get ready to laugh, cringe, and scratch your head at this entertainingly dysfunctional family once again. And with the kids now grown up and new characters coming aboard, this season is set to bring some fresh storylines and dynamics to the table. Stay tuned as we bring you reviews, recaps, and more analysis of all the outrageous Braun family antics in Family Business’s milestone fifth season. Wherever the plot goes from here, one thing’s for sure – this is one family that always keeps us guessing. What are you most looking forward to in the new season? Let us know!

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