Jenna Aze: My Life as an Influencer


You wake up and check your phone. 100K new followers overnight and your latest TikTok is blowing up. Just a normal day when you’re Jenna Aze, teen influencer extraordinaire. Get an exclusive look into a day in the life of one of social media’s biggest stars. From #OOTD shots to behind-the-scenes glimpses of her latest brand collab, see what it takes to make it as a Gen Z idol. With over 50 million followers across platforms, Jenna has turned her online fame into an empire. But it’s not all glam – learn how she deals with internet trolls and maintains a real-life identity outside of her curated feeds. At just 18, Jenna has the world at her fingertips. Join her on a wild ride to the top and get the inside scoop on the highs and lows of influencer life.

Who Is Jenna Aze?

Jenna Haze, born in 1982, is a former adult film star known for her work in the adult entertainment industry. She started acting in explicit films at the young age of 19 after dropping out of high school at 15. Home-schooled to finish her education, Jenna Haze went on to win numerous adult industry awards over her 12-year career before retiring in 2011.

### The Early Days

Born in California, Jenna Haze entered the adult film industry on a whim. She answered an ad for nude modeling at 18 and was soon acting in explicit films. Her fresh-faced girl-next-door looks and natural charisma led to her meteoric rise in popularity. By 2006, she had already won several adult film awards.

A Prolific Career

At the height of her fame, Jenna Haze appeared in over 500 adult films and directed her own line of videos. She was known for her raw sexuality and versatility as a performer. Fans and critics praised her charisma and comedic talents in addition to her sensuality on screen. She built a reputation as one of the hardest working women in the adult industry, filming almost daily at the peak of her career.

Life After Retirement

Although Jenna Haze retired from the adult film industry in 2011, she continues to make public appearances at adult entertainment conventions and events. She has a huge fan following on social media, where she posts about her life after porn, her hobbies, and her work as a director. While her adult film career may have been short-lived, Jenna Haze cemented her status as an industry icon and influencer during her prolific years as a performer. Her enduring popularity and fame as one of the adult film industry’s biggest stars demonstrate her lasting impact.

How I Got Started as an Influencer

Finding your niche is key to establishing yourself as an influencer. For me, it was beauty and lifestyle. I’ve always been passionate about makeup, fashion and living a healthy lifestyle. So I started an Instagram account to share content on those topics.

At first, I posted a few times a week about my favorite products, outfit of the day photos and healthy recipes I enjoyed. After a few months of consistency, my following started to grow as people found and connected with my content. ### Building Trust and Community

As my following grew, I made an effort to engage with my followers by replying to their comments and messages. I shared more about my personal life and experiences to help them get to know me better. This helped to build trust in my recommendations and form a community.

Consistency is Key

The most important thing I did was post new content on a regular schedule. My followers came to expect new posts a few times a week, so I made sure to deliver. Staying active and posting consistently is what really propelled my growth as an influencer.

While it took time to build up, by being authentic, posting consistently about topics I genuinely care about, and engaging with my followers, I was able to establish myself as an influencer in the beauty and lifestyle space. The key is finding what works for you and sticking with it! If you pursue your passions, stay dedicated and keep interacting with your community, you can become an influencer too.

My Typical Day as an Influencer

As an influencer, my days often start early around 6am to get a head start on emails and planning. ###Mornings are focused on communications and meetings. I spend a couple of hours responding to emails from brands, negotiating partnerships, and chatting with my manager. We discuss upcoming campaigns, content ideas, and new opportunities on the horizon.

Afternoons are dedicated to creating content. This could be shooting photos, filming videos, or working with brands on sponsored content. As an influencer, creating authentic and engaging content for your followers is key. I try to post on Instagram at least once per day, so I’m always thinking of new content concepts that will resonate with my audience.

Evenings are for editing, posting, and planning. I edit any content from the day and schedule social media posts for the next few days. I also use the evenings to plan out content, outfits, and themes for any upcoming photoshoots. Being an influencer requires organization and consistency to keep up with posting schedules and commitments to brands.

Of course, not every day follows this exact routine. I frequently have events to attend, meetings with managers or publicists, and last-minute changes. But in general, my days as an influencer revolve around creating and sharing content, communicating with brands and followers, and the behind-the-scenes work required to keep everything running smoothly. It’s a job that’s always on, but for the opportunity to inspire and connect with so many people, the demanding schedule is worth it.

My Top Tips for Aspiring Influencers

Engage actively with your community

Comment on other influencers’ posts, leave thoughtful comments on industry blogs, and start genuine conversations. Build real connections and relationships. Your followers will become your friends and biggest supporters. Ask them questions, show interest in their lives, and make them feel valued.

Embrace feedback and grow your craft

Put yourself out there and try new things. Start a YouTube channel or podcast, write a blog, launch an online course—the possibilities are endless. Some things may fail, but others will help you improve your skills and discover new talents. Listen to your followers’ feedback and make changes. Influencing is an art form, and the only way to master it is through practice and openness to change.

Share authentically

The key to being an influencer is sharing your real self—messy moments and all. Talk about your struggles and challenges, not just the highlights. Share behind-the-scenes footage of your life and work. Your followers will appreciate your honesty and transparency. Post photos without filters and be open in your captions. Build a genuine connection by allowing others to see the real you.

Find your niche

The most successful influencers focus on a specific niche. Maybe you’re passionate about travel, cooking, career advice, or personal finance. Choose an area you know well and want to help others in. Build your profile around this niche by consistently posting valuable content for your followers. Over time, you’ll become an expert in your industry and the go-to influencer in your field.

With passion, authenticity, and persistence, you can build a thriving community and achieve your goals as an influencer. Stay true to yourself, keep practicing your craft, and never stop engaging with your followers. Success will come as you help others along the way.

Jenna Aze FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

How did Jenna get into the adult film industry?

Like many 18-year-olds, Jenna wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school. On a whim, she answered an ad for nude modeling and was soon making a name for herself in softcore shoots. Within a year, she transitioned into the adult film industry, where her girl-next-door looks and enthusiasm made her an instant star.

How successful was Jenna’s career?

Incredibly so. Over her 12 years in the industry, Jenna starred in over 500 adult films and won several major awards, including Performer of the Year. She built a reputation for her high-energy and uninhibited performances. At the height of her fame, Jenna had one of the most popular channels and was one of the highest-paid stars.

What is Jenna up to now?

In 2010, Jenna decided to retire from adult films to focus on her personal life. She remains an influential figure in the industry, but keeps a lower profile these days. Jenna has said she doesn’t regret her career choice, but felt ready to move on to the next chapter of her life. Her fans still clamor for a comeback, but Jenna seems content with her life out of the spotlight.

Was the adult film industry empowering or exploitative?

Jenna has mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, the industry gave her freedom and control over her work that was rare for a woman at the time. She was also generously compensated. However, Jenna has also spoken about the dark side of the business, including abusive costars and manipulative directors. She continues to advocate for better health and safety standards for adult film actors. Overall, Jenna believes that while the potential for empowerment exists, much work remains to make it a reality.

Jenna’s story is a complex and often contradictory one. While her career was marked by both triumph and struggle, her impact on the adult film industry and influence as a pop culture icon is undeniable. Jenna has shown us that even in a male-dominated field, a woman can take control of her destiny and become a legend on her own terms.


So there you have it, a peek into a day in the life of influencer Jenna Aze. From her morning routine to workouts, photo shoots, and content creation, it takes a lot of work to build and maintain an online brand. While it may seem glamorous from the outside, being an influencer requires real dedication. Jenna’s story shows that if you’re passionate about connecting with people online, you can make it happen with consistent effort. The next time you scroll through Instagram, remember there are real people working hard behind those pretty pictures. Who knows, you might be inspired to start your own channel one day. Just don’t forget to be authentic and have fun with it.

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